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Recent posts by Sylvia Wang

Anybody knows the maximum file sizes I can zipped using ?
I googled but did not find anything official from Sun. some articles say about 65536 entries in a file is the maximum, and usually zip file size should not > 4G.
If you know any information about it, please kindly share with me ..
12 years ago
I got the score too, I'm in Canada. My passing score is 55% too.
Not a good score, but I'm happy I passed.
OH, YEAH !!!

Can't believe I PASSED !!! ( my hand is shaking now... )

I cram up for 1 month only, though I have some experience on AXIS2 web service, but it's really a tough test, I really don't have much hope on it.

Will we also get informed about the result if we fail ?
It's still helpful comment since I'm going to take it on Fri.

I think the interviewer is not stupid, what Rohit Nath mentioned is right.

they're testing the interviewee when and how would they say NO if they need to.
That's important to a manager, as they also don't want you just to take anything give to you and work work work until you can't handle it and call out for HELP just before the deadline. that's a nightmare for a manager too.
They would feel better if you let them know in advance that how realistic the deadline is, and how risky if they push for that deadline.
15 years ago
I have friends working in J2EE and .Net, they're both at almost expert level and doing pretty well in their company. So I think it would be just fine if you go with .net deep though personally I myself like Java.

I transferred myself from Microsoft to Java when Microsoft is still at Visual Studio 6, at that time I felt things Miscrosoft provided is always very easy to be hands on and very easy to build up something small and running, but when the appliaction is complicated and needs to be robust, it just fall apart and raise all kind of issues which made me frustrated. ... maybe now .Net technology has improved...

Java is relatively not so developer-friendly for a bigginer, but so far it works for me, it's pretty stable and fast if we make our design properly. and not much strange crash without reason ( something you're familiar when your windows crash with no reason and needs to be reboot. )

that's just my personal feeling base on my experience ...
15 years ago
I can connect to CVS from WSAD, however there's nothing shows up under "HEAD", "BRANCH", or "VERSION". WSAD ver 5.1.1, Eclipse 2.1.2

Anybody has any clue ? appreciated !!
17 years ago
Hi, all
Anybody there using VAJ knows how to add the JDBC driver for SQL2000 into datasource driver dropdown list in the websphere test environment ?
although I've configured classpath for SQL2000 jdbc driver. but seems the contents in the driver dropdown list never change.
or VAJ just can't adopt any new jdbc driver for datasource ?
This is really irretating, I've been using my VAJ 4.0 for quite a long time without any problem of the add/delete feature in the "quik start" menu.
However, it suddently refused to work today, whatever feature I added or deleted, there's no change in the project list, no add in or delete, and there's no error , no message at all.
Pls, anybody can enlighten me on this ? before I decide to re-install the whole VAJ.
Many Thanks!
Thanks Chanoch and Simon for your helpful suggestion.
I've tested out the FTP way by using, it's simple and work fine for text-base files, so I'll go for that.
However when I searching the information about everywhere in the web, the news saying Sun is not supporting this package and will be removed from JDK soon, is it true ?
20 years ago
How about through FTP ? my NT server is a FTP client.
Can servlet call an Unix script ? in the Unix script I can FTP the file from Websphere server to NT server.
Did anybody tried to call an Unix script from servlet ?
20 years ago
I've tried that google search. however feel not good, maybe it's a good tool as well if we've never used that Javaranch search before. Peoples like to compare, right ?
basicly I like the old search because it can search within different thread, search result is listed by the subject and date of posted. very neat.
Just some of my feeling
20 years ago