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Sudheer Anvh

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Recent posts by Sudheer Anvh

First of all thanks to all the Moderators of javaranch,SCDJWS core members of the Ranchers for their wonderfull support and guidence.

Comming to my Exam Preparation (I have very less time for preparation time around 20-25 days)

I refered RMH,Rajneesh,MZ guides and also found some good stuff in form of Google DOCS link (include prapartion plan,Exam cram,SCDJWS points in tabular format.mht)

RMH book

(Exclusive book)


Rajneesh notes:

(Through Revision)

Wonder full notes for the complete revision (highlighted in bold red,blue) which makes to recollected the important and missing points ,
"Feel Good Factor" achieved at the end of reading your pdf.

I completely revised XML,SOAP,WSDL,JAX-RPC,Security,UDDI,General Design and Architecture

Good work Rajneesh!!!

MZ notes

(Instant Revision)

As i have no time for preparation, i prepared/revised the below concepts in MZ guide.Very nice book for Instant Preparation.

SAAJ,JAXB,JAXP,JAXR,UDDI,J2ee Webservices, Endpoint Design and Architecture.

In parallel doing available mock exams,and going back and referring the missing concepts.

Last 2 days ...

MZ notes and all the Mocks available in the net.

1.Online mock exam(3 attempts 1.61%,2.71%,3. 75%)
2.Whizlabs(chapter wise,and final mock exam(77%)
3.MZ quiz(Thanks Mikalai Zaikin,for responding quickly to my request,)
Nicely composed the questions covering almost all the concepts.
4.some other misc question found in net,forums.

Final "Feel Good Factor" acheived after doing MZ quiz.

Final Exam is easy than expected,Dont worry abt remembering all api's,Exam is mainly concentrated on basic concepts.

The above sample Mock exams helped me for attemping the questions confidently.Try doing minimum 2 times.

Next Planning to Attempt the," IBM SOA Associate",any valuable advice appreciated from ranchers.

13 years ago

The below link gives the objectives of TEST :669 SOA FUNDAMENTALS{2008]

I think 80% objectives are almost similar compared with 664.

I am planning to take it on october as it going to active,Ranchers please
post the guidelines for the preparation.

I am a silent member of this group.I have joined as a Fresher in a MNC,so i havent had much experience. I finished my SCJP on last NOVEMBER and then with the help of Ranchers i successfully completed my SCWCD with 85% last week.Thanks to all the Ranchers.

Million Thanks to HEAD FIRST's Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates.You have given me confidence on the concepts which i have void idea.

My scores in individual topics:
Got 100% in all the topics EXCEPT in
2.Building JSP Pages Using Tag Libraries ,
3.Building a Custom Tag Library.

My Preparation

With the Advice of ranchers, Fist i studied HF,then i did some bits in J2EE CERTIFICATE, java certificate, then again i given second revision of HF which builds confidence,so i did Mock Tests in JWEB PLUS to check my overall status.Before one week of my Exam i studied Servlets Specs, Frederic Esnault notes and Manning Notes Which adds some more stuff in my preparation.Finally it tooks around 40 days to complete my preparation.

Help Me:
I Started my carreer with the Production Support project which is in servlets and jsp's,so i took SCWCD, but my project is closed after my SCWCD, Fortunately or Unfortunately now i am moved to DataWare Housing Project which is also a production Support. Ranchers please Help me to guide my carreer,what certification's i have to do next like either ORACLE or JAVA.I have only 5 months of work experience, i havent worked much in java projects, but iam very much passion towards java technology.

Thanks in advance


Sudheer Anumalasetty