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Recent posts by Maky Chopra

Thanks Valentine,

I know that the EJB container won't find my WEB-INF/classes through it's classloader. It is very difficult for me to break up the common stuff into a separate jar which is why I'm trying to get the Ejb Classloader to load the extraneous classes by hard wiring into the manifest.


1. Are you saying that by using the manifest, I will not be able to load the classes and jars from WEB-INF ?

2. If so, where in my directory structure would I place the common jars and how would my manifest help in loading them?

3. Does the manifest have to reside in a actual jar file or can in reside in the META-INF folder of the exploded Ejb jar folder?

Thanks for your help.

I have an EAR deployed on a JRun server on Windows. Here's the file structure:

Now, I have a MBD that onMessage() needs to instanitate an object whose classdef is in the MyWar/WEB-INF/classes/com/me/util/MyObj

SO I say MyObj obj = new MyObj();

And i wind up with classnotfound exception.

I looked around and found an article saying that I could use the Class-Path attributes in the MANIFEST.MF but this did not help me.

Link to article:

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
These do not get added by default. You need to choose the custom option when installing MQ and choose the Java MQ libraries as an option.
17 years ago
Hi FOlks,
I'm developing an application that uses Oracle as the back-end. It has a web component with jsp's and servlets and an application component where I have modelled several entities and have some main() programs.
Lets say for arguement that I have an class called Card. In its constructor, I make a connection to the db.

My JSP's pick up connections from a connectionpool which is in the application servlet context. But when they instantiate a Card object,
Card card = new Card() ;
it makes a new connection to the db causing me overhead and unacceptable response times while stress testing.
Any suggestions to improve my design would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Karthik, here's the class..
I have an XML file that contains a file layout, say <fieldname> and <fieldsize>
Lets say I do my parsing in a class called FileLayout and in my main() - in another program - I do,
FileLayout fl = new FileLayout();
and then parse the file..
while parsing, I do
The nameTable and sizeTable are Vectors and in FileLayout, I have a getFieldNames that return nameTable
The problem is that unless I declare these two vectors static, the return statement returns null.
Whats going wrong here ?
I'm reading a string from a database and need to write to a file, which needs to be fixed length. How do i put the 10 character field that I read from the db to the file and then leave the next 15 fields blank before I start the next one ?
Also, how do I left justify integers with right filled zeros for the same file ?
Thanks (yes.. in advance :-)
19 years ago
Anyone ?? Does anyone know if there is a mysql driver that supports addBatch() and executeBatch()
It throws not implemented and even when I saw the source for the preparedStatement in mm.mysql-2.0.4-bin.jar it simply says

So am I to assume that batching (addBatch() & executeBatch()) is cannot be implemented with mysql ?
Thanks Jamie !! Just moving the conn to my constructor cut down the time to load 100000 records (in a P-III 800Mhx NT machine with mySQL db) from 3 minutes to 43seconds
Will try the batching tomorrow and see if there's any dramatic improvement ... Thanks again.
Hi Folks,
I need to do a batch update of db field (thanks for help with the SQL statement for this)..
I have a

and for the main() program, I have

Now, when i cann UpdateExpDate() for every record in the i/p file, it needs to make a connection.. I know this can be very expensive in terms of resources.. One way is that I can setup a connection pool class and use connections from that. Other than that, what can I do to batch process this i/p file ?
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide..
Hi FOlks,
More than a JDBC q, this is really a SQL question. I hope someone out there can help me..
I have a database table, say customers, with cus_number, cus_name, cus_birthdate and cus_ssn
Now, i get a flat file with the the cus_number and cus_ssn on it. Have a java program that reads it, and then I need to populate the ssn field if the cus_number is already in the database.
Also need to be able to ignore if a cus_number is not found. FYI, i'm using mysql on winnt and I already have the JDBC drivers installed and everything and I'm able to access the db from the java program..
What i really need is help in formatting the update statement to update only one field of the db without affecting the others AND on how to catch a not-found cus_number
Thanks !!
Jaxp and Xerces ? I have a xml file with say customer-name and customer-action that I need to read with a command line java program and then act upon the database to add/delete or modify the name based on action..
What are the components I need for reading this xml file and using the values in it as keys for my db lookup ?
Thanks !
What you need is to download and install (have in classpaths) the JSSE package from
Then you have to set some security parameters (it will be clear once you see the examples that come with it) and you should be able to use HTTPS without any problems.
20 years ago