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Recent posts by Terry Ong

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for your reply and tip on writing an Apache module.
Seems that writing the servlet is the easiest way.

Let's hope my performance doesn't gets affected too much,
Hi there,

I have a peculiar situation here that I must forward a HTTP request as a TCP connection.

Basically, I have a backend server that only accepts TCP connections that assumes a certain type of content/message. I would need to send a message from public internet to this server.

Due to sending over the public network, I would need to protect the message contents and it was decided that the message was sent as the payload of a HTTPS request.

The conclusion so far (from our limited knowledge) is that we have two options:
1. Write a custom webserver that accepts such connections and forwards the message to the backend server.
2. Use Tomcat or other servlet containers to help in the HTTPS authentication and stuff; with a web app that accepts the request and strips the headers and send the raw message through sockets to the backend synchronously (need to reply to request from backend).

To add, I would have to perform both client and server authentication.

I'm wondering has anyone has had similar experience?
Is there also a way just to use HTTP servers (like Apache HTTP, IBM HTTP) to directly strip and forward the request to my backend server?

Thanks for any pointers. Greatly appreciated.

With Regards,

I think I got your point. So there's still the problem of protecting and transporting K1.
Bummer, it never really ends. This key management problem.

16 years ago
Hi, thanks for you reply.

Maybe I should have been more explicit, that i'm interested in these 2 particular functions.

The document claims that using these 2 functions enable secure transfer.

Wrapping and Unwrapping Keys

Wrapping a key enables secure transfer of the key from one place to another.

But from what i see, it's just to serialize the key. If the transfer channel is not secure, one can get hold of the wrapped key; and unwrap it simply through some trial and error. (There's only three key types and a few well known algos to choose)

Thanks and Regards.
16 years ago

I was reading about key wrapping on this page (url below).
Now I'm wondering:

Is there any use for key wrapping if an attacker knows the wrappedkey algo and wrappedkey type?
16 years ago

Just curious does anyone here knows how to create a transition effect like water ripples using java2d?

Thanks & Regards
16 years ago
IIRC for display there's only an outdated applet.

For report generation from rpt files, you can do that in java from 10 onwards, though i think 10 may not be quite full featured. The pdf brochure of Xi seems to indicate its fully support java

For more info pls read

and remember Google is your friend
16 years ago

Adding a Table to a Container

It's easy to put a table in a scroll pane. You need just one or two lines of code:

JScrollPane scrollPane = new JScrollPane(table);
table.setPreferredScrollableViewportSize(new Dimension(500, 70));

The scroll pane automatically gets the table's header, which displays the column names, and puts it on top of the table. ...

16 years ago

Take a look at the class java.awt.Component.
public void setCursor(Cursor cursor)

See if this helps.
16 years ago
Credits to 'Source' for the article 'Using JPopupMenu in TrayIcon'

I haven't really tried it but seems like its possible.
Basically, the idea is to invoke the jpopup menu manually during a popuptrigger mouse event. Seems a bit hackish.

Hope this helps.
16 years ago
Wow, that's kind of ambitious. Are you working alone???

Here's an opensource java formdesigner that you may want to study.
Note that it only supports JGoodie's form layout, but hopefully there something that you can learn from the codes.

That's all that I know of.
Hope this helps. Good luck in your project.
16 years ago
I don't think there is an explicit "Select current line" command ...
You'll probably need to do [HOME, SHIFT-END]

For the other shortcuts, you can go to (Window| Preferences |General | Keys)
to see them.
Finally found something that meets my need.

jautodoc is an auto-javadoc that have some pretty neat features.

Many thanks to Martin who wrote this.
Dear Ranchers,

As in the topic, I would like to find out if anyone has any experience or ideas in implementing a mapping program like in biztalk.

Like Biztalk, the UI interface will be two JTrees, one on each side of the screen, separated by a JPanel (MapArea) which contains the lines connecting the nodes from the source tree to the destination tree. On this MapArea, there can be boxes to indicate some function is applied like in BizTalk. (I believe they are called Functoids in BizTalk).

If possible, I would like to avoid using Java2D graphics directly.
Does anyone know of any existing libraries that can fulfill this easily?
(only apache, bsd/mit, lgpl)

Thanks for any inputs.
Your help is greatly appreciated.
17 years ago