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Recent posts by gurpreet singh

can you please tell me what is the price of SCDJWS in india?
12 years ago
sun certifications will surely be VOID if java language is obselete from this planet. I hope this satisfies you.
I am not using ejb2.x. In my component i have to pass value to DAO layer through facade. I thought i shouldn't pass ActionForm to DAO but to use DTO.

Can you please explain more on how to use Domain Model to achieved it?

By ViewActionForm i had mean't ActionForm to display response.
Hi all,

I have queries to effectively design a component using struts and DTO pattern

1. Should i seperate IN DTO (goes to DAO) and OUT DTO( response from DAO) because the OUT DTO will have more fields or should it be only one DTO for one request/reponse flow.

2. Is it a good practise to use a existing DTO in other business functionality because some of the fields in existing DTO is similar to other business functinality.

3. Should a JSP use DTO to display the response from DAO or should it mapped to some ViewActionForm and then accessed in a JSP.



I would suggest that there is no need for you to upgrade to 6.0 as there is not much difference in scjp5 and scjp 6. If you think you got low score then you can work on the areas where you scored less. Would you want to again give certification for the same subject just because you will confident?

why waste money?

You should now look towards new technologies as in SCWCD, SCBCD.
Hi Friends,

I had cleared SCJP 1.4 last month. I am bit confused, which next certf i should go for? Should it be SCJD or SCWCD or SCJP upgrade.

I am also looking for some certification which can help me gain good knowledge on Core design patterns. Is there any certification on this subject?
Yes, you can give scjp 1.4. As of now there is no statement from SUN that they would discontinue this exam. So goahead and give it a shot.

There is scjp 6 mock questions kit from whizlabs. You can try that.
Writting on board is a big trouble. I wish the test centres should start to think about allowing papers.
Hi All,

Today i cleared scjp 1.4 with 93%. Thanks to kathy and bert bates for creating this wonderful platform for us. Well, almost 24/7 support :-)
14 years ago
Hi All,

One of the question in Whizlabs 1.4

Question: Is "null" a reserved keyword in java?
Answer in Whizlab - True

I had this knowledge that null is a reserved literal in java and not a reserved keyword. Though null, true, false cannot be used as identifier.

Pls correct me if i am wrong.
It is because the "start()" method is overriden in class tt. Remember, Invocation of instance methods are determined by the object referred to at runtime. So at runtime it is Class tt object.

If you use the syntax "((t)new tt()).variable", then it will invoke the variable of superclass and not that of subclass. Because the invocation of variables is determined at compile time and not at runtime.
Case 1


CASE1: compiles correctly and prints "String version"

but CASE2: results on compile time error, "reference to method is ambiguous, both method method(java.lang.StringBuffer) in Test and method method(java.lang.String) in Test match
new Test().method(null);"

Yes it does have java operators as sun objective 5.1 for the scjp 1.4
Hi frnds,

Can i expect questions like these in real scjp1.4 exam:

1. Which two are equal? (Choose two.)

A. 32 / 4;
B. (8 >> 2) << 4;
C. 2 ^ 5;
D. 128 >>> 2;
E. (2 << 1) * (32 >> 3);
F. 2 >> 5;

This question is taken from KB for java 1.4, chapter 3- Self Test- Q1