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Resource manager access and Enterprise bean access are allowed if methods are running in a meaningful transaction or have a client security context. Since stateful session beans have a client associated when these methods are called, although not in transaction, the access to resources is allowed.

Stateless beans do not have client associated in these methods so access to resources are not allowed.

Even I had difficulty understanding these concepts but this is the way I understood them.

Hope this helps,
15 years ago
15 years ago
Well well,

a. HFEJB - Top position
b. SCBCD form - Second most important
c. SCJP (ver?) - 1.5 (93%)
d. SQL knowledge - Yes
e. - I could have done without this one.
f. Enthuware - Definitely a good practice before the real test
g. Any other ejb book/tutorial etc - None
h. Knowledge of rmi/corba etc prior distributed computing.- No!
i. That "guy" at the prometric center - Hmmmm
j. Yourself - Well.....
k. You java guide/faculty - None
l. Anything else not mentioned in the above list - EJB spec

Further,do you think it would have been possible if the number of answers would not have been mentioned.Was there any ambigous questions that made you to guess in ruling out a answer or choosing a correct one.

I am sure it wouldn't have been possible without knowing the correct no. of answers, there are a few qs which though not completely ambiguous are tricky ones, so if you know the no. of options, it hekps to streamline the answers.

My opinion: If one gets 100% without knowledge of no. of correct answers, that would be truly incredible!
Hey, wonderful score! Congratulations!!
15 years ago
That's a great score! Congrats!!
15 years ago

Originally posted by satheesh krishnaswamy:
All the Very Best for the exam.

Please post your exam experience once you take the test.

As others said,forget these incidents and revise once more.

Thanks satheesh!! Actually the incident proved really helpful and yesterday I cleared the test with 100% (first time in so many years I have scored 100 in any exam)
I already posted my experience here

Originally posted by Ajay Natarajan:
Did you have any questions which did not mention the correct number of answers?

No. All qs mentioned the correct no. of answers.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Rajan Murugan:

So everything is for the good.It helped (third review).

Yes definitely it did!! Taught me a lesson that everything is for good.
15 years ago
Thanks Prasanth!

Yes you need to remember the tags well as there were quite some qs related to tags and the information they may contain. There were a few DnD qs related to tags.
I know, even I had a tough time remembering those, best strategy is to read them again and again, if you try to memorize them in one go it would be difficult.
15 years ago

I finally cleared SCBCD 1.3 today with a score of 100%. I still cannot believe it because I had not expected this at all. It came as a surprise.

I gave in roughly a month of serious preparation. I don't have much experience on EJBs. So when I started reading HFEJB, all concepts were very new to me.
But as you all know HFEJB book is so nice that after reading it twice, I got all the concepts. I also went through EJB spec and took 'enthuware' mock tests. Also took '' mock tests and visited this forum everyday.

So all the above things contribute to the success. Thanks to all fellow ranchers and most of all thanks to Kathy and Bert without whom a novice like me could never have got this score.

Regarding the test, most of the qs were straighforward, some MDB qs were tricky, also I found some exceptions qs confusing. EJB-QL was also pretty easy. There were lots of qs on resources and methods that can be accessed from bean methods along with qs on methods in EJBObject/EJBLocalObject and EJBHome/EJBLocalHome.

That's it,
15 years ago
Rajan, thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Finally the test center has issued me a new voucher and I am finally going to take the test on 5th Dec, as that is the earliest slot available.

Thank you all for your patience and suggestions.

you are getting a opportunity to revise one more time.just take it in the right spirit

Absolutely right! I will open K&B once again this weekend to give a last shot.
Prasanth, I called the prometric helpline number, they say I need to speak to the test center, they will only provide me a new voucher.
I dont know how this all works. I am confused!

anyways, thanks, i think I will wait for some more time and see what happens.
Amitabha ,

I wish I had read your post earlier and booked my test at 'Thomson Prometric' and not 'RCS Education', Bangalore. Now only I have got the correct picture after calling them about 10 times.
First they gave me a wrong slot, when finally my turn came after waiting for a good 1.5 hours, there was some server problem that they were not able to see, and kept me waiting for another 1 hour, finally when I showed my anger, the center in-charge, was extremely rude and tried to humiliate me by saying that 'have you come to fight with me' and telling me that if I have a problem I should go and complain to Thomson prometric, good suggestion indeed!
Now the story has taken a very interesting turn, in the process of uploading my exam, due the server problem my voucher has been spoilt and they have to get a new voucher for me which according to them is a long process and will take some time, I need to wait endlessly!

Let's hope I am able to take the test before I start forgetting things.

Aspirants in Bangalore, my sincere request is to book your test only at 'Thomson Prometric', as I believe they would be able to handle such things in a better way.