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Sandeep Rawat

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Recent posts by Sandeep Rawat

Hi All,

As I am changing the roles in weblogic portal application on machine and the data is properly saved in the database. This database is shared across all the developers on different machines. If I am making changes in the roles same should be reflected on others machines as well because the database is shared but its not.

Whenever other user is trying to create the same role on their machine, the portal application is preventing them to create as this is already created by other user. Even that its not reflecting.

Please help....

11 years ago
Hi All,

Could you please answer the below questions:

1) In case of a portal hierarchy Desktop-->Books-->Pages
I need to hide a portlet1 page and show another portlet2 by doing some activity on portlet1
How can I hide and unhide the portlets pages in weblogic portal application.

2) How may ways are there to set the portlet preferences and how to define different preferences for different portlets in a single portal application?

3) How may ways we can implement Backing file? Is it possible to create different Backing files for different portals?

4) How can I set different skins for different portlets?

Please answers the above questions, I am very much confused in these questions and I didnt find much material on these topics online.

Thanks & Regards
12 years ago
whenever the server starts all the initialization process happens and the web.xml file contains all the mapping kinda information. So whenever the request goes to container it maps the url from the web.xml file and forward the user to the destination location.
15 years ago