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Currently I am working on a very old application which implements Corba 2.3 using Visibroker For Java V4.5.
The application register the objects through VBJ utility (VBJ {service name}) provided by visibroker which runs in a MS Dos Window.

Now I need to run this as as NT service so that it survives the log-off event. I tried it using INSTSRV and SRVANY utilities provided by windows but
that dosn;t seems to work.
Can any body suggest how to run this as an NT service.
12 years ago
can someo0ne explain me how mwny string objects are created in these lines.


2)String s="abc";
yes ans is correct .8 objects are created.

String s1 = "spring "; //1 "spring " object is created.
String s2 = s1 + "summer ";// 2 objects are created in this line. "summer" and S1+summer="springsummer"
s1.concat("fall "); //2 objects in this line."fall" and "springfall"
s2.concat(s1); //1 object in this line. "springsummerspring"
s1 += "winter "; //2 objects in this line."winter" and "springwinter"
System.out.println(s1 + " " + s2);

i think you got the ans.
hello meghna,
Cracking SCJP is not a big deal but it requires patience.
If u r already familiar with JAVA, u can start with K&B.
It requires a thorough knowledge of JAVA so go atleast twice
through this book.
3 months are sufficient for this exam(if u r regular).
actuallly x is a 3 dimensional array.
first you declare x[0],x[1], and x[2] as three 2 -D arrays .
then x[i][j] = new int[i+j+1];(will point to a 1-D array),
initializes a single dimensional array of length i+j+1 and this length
is being printed.
When you call yield(), the currently running thread goes to runnablr state.
And from runnable pool any thread of same priority may come to running state.It may be the same thread on which yield () was called.
only two objects will be created.
hello Amisha,
Only one object will be ready for garbage collection.
Wen you assign c2=c3, the reference to ob1 is lost and
its now ready for collection, garbage collection.