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Congratulations for the good score. I am glad to know that you found my notes helpful.

Watsh Rajneesh
11 years ago

Originally posted by Julio Viegas:
- Watsh Rajneesh's notes: another must, very comprehensive and focused!

Special ***THANKS*** for MZ, Watsh Rajneesh, Valentin Crettaz and the ranch team.

Congratulations .

I am glad you found my prep notes useful.
13 years ago
Congratulations Michael! Thats a very good score.
13 years ago
Congratulations Marco!
13 years ago
How about using Free SMTP server and setup a local SMTP server for development.
13 years ago
Check these out...
  • JBoss eclipse IDE
  • JBoss netbeans IDE

  • Considering your background with WSAD, you will have less learning to do if you get Jboss Eclipse IDE. I prefer to install the EasyEclipse Server Java instead of the distro at JBoss site, as it takes care of installing all required plugins to eclipse.
    13 years ago
    I found the solution here. So this can be critical issue for JBoss 4.0.5.GA that it does not work reliably with JSE 6.
    13 years ago
    I am getting the following error when i run the ex05_1/ path code from EJB 3.0 book by Bill Burke (O'reilly). The entire code for this book can be found here. I am using JBoss 4.0.5.GA with EJB 3.0 RC 9 Patch 1 patch installed.

    In short the error occurs at the following line in

    and it says on the first line. But i have used the jboss.xml to give the jndi-name to the bean as used in the above code snippet but still i donot see why it fails to find the reference of the Stateful bean from naming service whereas it works fine (ie is able to lookup the reference of) for Stateless session bean. I am using ejb3 with clustering installation type for JBoss 4.0.5.GA and have already installed the patch EJB 3 RC 9 Patch1 which was said to fix a bug of hot redeployment of EJB 3 beans giving a Wrong target error message.

    The complete error is below:

    If anyone has been able to run the ex05_1/ examples from the book EJB 3.0 then please reply to this post as to how you resolved it. I have seen a list of related issues reported at JBoss EJB 3 subproject which may be the reason and one of the interdependent issues is still not fixed.

    Thanks in advance.
    13 years ago
    And this error is after you have set the http.proxyUser and http.proxyPassword properties also (ie together with http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort)? I have seen this to work in my case in past. I was using Axis 1.2 then in my setup.
    Hi Marco,

    You dont need to tell the Stub rather tell the JVM using the java properties as Val indicated above only i think you must use the following options (keys):
    http.proxyPort (default: 80 if http.proxyHost specified)

    and dont bypass the proxy for the very reason you state that to go to an internet site you must pass through the proxy.

    Additionally, if your proxy server requires authentication then also use the following properties: (i think this is what you are missing in your first post error - 407 Proxy server authentication failed).

    See this Axis doc for client side settings.

    Hope this helps.

    [ December 07, 2006: Message edited by: Watsh Rajneesh ]
    Thank you Val for the illustrative example.