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Recent posts by Chaitanya Kommidi

Probably "session" was a wrong word to use ..I think I got the discussion off track here ...

Let me try with an Example ...

This web page has a general URL (GET) where the last part of the URL is an everchanging ID

For our purposes I am assuming that I would want to make the above web application a portlet

Say a user (external user not from wants to get the information about a gene(from his web application) he would dynamically change the ID that would lead him to this web site.

If my purpose is to make a portlet out of this( where the external users can link by the changing the ID would I do this ?
16 years ago
I have not used struts (we use our own framework) , but if this were a normal
MVC jsp with a controller , I would do something like this

In the JSP

<tr><td><a href="<portlet:actionURL>
<portlet aram name="mainGet" value="yes" />
<b> D</b></a></td></tr>

In the Controller :
In the Process action direct , interact with the model and the requisite logic and move the action to the VIEW which would display the JSP

public void processAction(ActionRequest request, ActionResponse response) throws PortletException, {



Thinking in these lines should help you for your struts app.

Hope this helps
16 years ago
I am not sure if this is a drawback for portlets (and portals) in general , but I am wondering if there is a workaround for this.

In the field of Bioinformatics (where I currently work) there is a heavy use of GET method where ID's are passed around in the URL .Is there a way in Portals where we can mimic this functionality as to jump to a specific
"session" directly bypassing the "usual stuff".

16 years ago
I would check with a simple portlet to begin with

If it is a Websphere portal I would go with the example given in IBM Redbooks
Look at chapter 13 and 14 carefully , they go through the process of creating a "struts based portal".This might help for a simple portal.

But if it is not a Websphere portal make sure that the example is not using the Webshphere API .(Will not work on non-websphere)
16 years ago
Test 257 Enterprise Application Development with IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V6.0

Seems to be the most comprehensive and updated , is this the most sought after
in the category ? ..I am confused in here (literally feel this)
Hello ,
I have cleared SCJP,SCWCD,SCBCD and was looking at certifications offered at IBM.But I am not sure which one of these suits me (There are a plethora of those ) .I am really confused with the details in there.I am not even sure if some of the exams there are relevant ...

Aprreciate yor time.
I have just cleared the 310-090 (EJB) exam and am contemplating whether to take the SCEA or the webservices exam .

I have a couple of questions regarding the same ...

1.Do I get Individual certificates for each part of the SCEA exam .
2.Does the 310-090 (EJB) help while preparing for the SCEA ( I see there is a EJB component to this)

Thanks for your time.

Hello All ,

When we write EJB-QL queries and work on entity beans , are they (EJB-QL) compiled to normal SQL (somewhere ...) if so ,who does it ?.And , is this (QL-SQL) the only way that it is done ?

Thanks for your time.

Congratulations !!!

If you dont mind could you answer a few questions of mine ...

1.Did you have EJB experience before ?
2.How many days did it take to prepare for the exam ?
3.What was your score in the HFEB mock exam ?

Appreciate your time.

16 years ago
Hi I would like to join a study group comprising of people who have just started to prepare for the EJB certification.

Please let me know if there is any existing study group .If there is none and if we have sufficiant people we could start our own study group

MY Profile :

Java Experience : 3 Years of Professional Java Experience (mostly JSP and webservices)
EJB Experience: None at all
Book : HFEJB
Target (Best Case) : May 30th Exam date