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Recent posts by Akram Chotu

Appreciate if any Ranchers contribute to this post.
13 years ago
I am using Spring 2.5.
When I run Main.java I am getting below exception. I am not getting what I am missing here.
For your reference I am attaching all the code here. Could you please clarify:








13 years ago
Thank you James

appreciate more thoughts on this subject from fellow JavaRanchers ?
I started on a new assignment where I need to work on a software maintanenace project consisting of a large enterprise java/j2ee based web application that is 10 years old. We need to introduce Internationalization(i18n) support to this web application.
This j2ee based web application uses technologies like java, oracle database, jsp, javascript, websphere v6.1 application server struts, web services, spring, xml, jms, ejb etc and this web application is mostly (oracle) database driven.

Now my question is, can you explain where do we start on this effort of adding i18n support to this large j2ee web application. Initially our focus is to support languages like Spanish, French and later extend to other languages.
Can you please suggest some good books, internet URL's etc. where I can look at for adding i18n support for these kind existing large j2ee based web application?
how to add i18n support to the existing large oracle based database ?

Appreciate your timely help.
appreciate any JavaRancher's willing to contribute to my post ...
Thank you all for the timely response.

We started working on a new project which is a software maintenance project. We are asked to document the existing code and existing functionality in the project. If we have to document the existing code then I can think of
a. code call flows
b. sequence diagrams
c. data models
d. use cases
e. business process diagrams

Now my question is, can you share your experiences how to document the existing code ? any books on documenting code ? any urls ? how to layout the document ? what to put first in the document and what to last in the document ? etc.

appreciate your help.
Can anyone please suggest an UML editor that satisfies below criteria:

a. easy of use
b. preferably freeware. if not a fully functional trailware
c. supports all kinds of UML diagrams like Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams etc.
Thank you Tim

That goes for both users and developers, except that it equally applies to developers who say "I" instead of "you"

Can you please explain this point ?

Also, as requested in my original post, are there any good books/urls that can answer my questions for first time lead-developer or manager(not a pure manager per se though) like me ?
14 years ago
any JavaRanchers willing to contribute to this post ?
14 years ago

1. If joining a start up is good idea?

working in startup is good for reasons like
a. you get visibility of your work quickly compared to big companies
b. you would get good pay
but the flip side is you could have no work life balance when you are married with children which I suppose is not in your case

2. Being a solution engineer I would get breath in technologies, but not the depth. Is is good in a long run for a developer.

bread and depth are dependent on what is your next assignment. Say you gained good depth in your current company/assignment then there is no guarantee that your technology-depth skills are required in your next assignment with a new company unless if you really sure that you want to really use your technology-depth skills in next assignment

3. Being a server side programmer for past 3.5 years (mostly in core Java and xml), How would being in a site development help me?

again, it depends on what your interests are ? say after 7 years from now would you still love technology the same way you are doing now ? in the long run you want to be as an architect or a manager ? what is your passion ? where your passion lies ? technology ? management ?

Or should I dump these offer and look for other openings. Basically I need to know if these jobs would satisfy my objectives.

you decide. after all these years of experience, all I can say is that , if you want to be in technology side, as an architect but not as an architect then you need to have passion for good debugging skills, love technology like hell etc.
14 years ago
I am an experienced Java/J2EE developer who worked on Enterprise Web Applications, SOA, Web Services etc. I have not lead any big teams earlier. Just lead small projects with 1-2 developers.

Now I got an opportunity to work on a new assignment where I have to lead 4-5 junior developers. All this kind of calls for some Lead and Manager(not a pure manager per se though) skills for firt-time Managers/Leads like me.

Here are my new assignment details:
a. My current assignment is a new assignment where I need to work on 7 years old Web Application based on technology like Java, JEE, Struts, JSP, Asynchronous messaging, event based messaging etc.
b. I have to lead a team of 4-5 developers
c. we need to work on bug fixes or work on change requests that can be major enhancements to the web application or bug fixes

Now my question is, when a change request comes, how do I estimate the effort for myself and my team members for which I am the lead ?
how do I schedule my project ?

how do I manage my team members day-to-day tasks, estimate their task efforts? estimate the change requests? how do I manage my project ?

are there any good books that can answer my questions for first time lead-developer or manager(not a pure manager per se though) like me ?
14 years ago
"HEAD FIRST PMP" from Orelliy publications is easy to read.