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Prashil Wasnik

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since Apr 18, 2006
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Recent posts by Prashil Wasnik

Hi all,

I need some information regarding the implementation of web services in SAP.
I heard the SAP EP(Enterprise Portal) tool Netwaever has been devloped to implement Web services efficient.

I want to pursue my career in web services and i see SAP as one of the emerging practice.

I need to know whether SAP implement web services extensively?

If any body from SAP here, please fill me with some information.

Thanks in anticipation.

13 years ago
Please mail me the same.
my email id is :
Thanks in advance!!!

I have little bit same credentials as Prasad. I m currently staying in mumbai.

Can you please explain what is that MZ? and if guys are from mumbai please help me out finding the J2EE RMH book.

Thanks in anticipation
I have completed my SCJP few days back and now i wanted to complete SCJDWS.
But i am very cobnfused from where to start. I started reading the overviews.

Need some guidance.

Please help.
Thanks in Advance
Not exactly i want to update the values of some attributes and that save that in a new XML.
How can i pass the variable between 2 HTML pages using javascript, my limitation is i don't have server side and the parameter which i want to pass is contain around 10K of text.
I am able to load the content of the XML from the javaScript object using COM. Now i want to update/create an XML with some modification. How can i update that XML?
i am trying to implement file uploading in JSP. i have tomcat 5.0.28. I am able to upload a file from my local server machine but when i run that jsp from other page its gives the error that file not found. what could be the problem
need help.
thanks in advance.
14 years ago
hi, as i have told i make the mysql connection using jdbc which uses mysqlconnector.jar. please clear yourself.
14 years ago
I m unable to excute my sql queries in Apache/Tomcat 5.0.27 this queries runs fine in JBOSS 3.2.2
I have the made the jdbc connection as jdbc:sql//localhost:8080/DBName;
is there any difference between the jdbc connection in JBOSS and Tomcat.
please help.
14 years ago
i am unable to add hyphen in my XML. we are using unicode to type the tag like "<" for "<". Please tell what should be the tag for "-".
i am studying for SCJP1.4 from the past 2 months. since i am not from CS background its pretty tough to prepare but i am trying my best.
i m willing to appear in the exam in next month.
hi all,
I am also interested in SCJP 1.4 group learning. Is anybody living @ mumbai want to join. mail me