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Recent posts by Angela Narain


I am software engineer with 3 years of programming experience in Java and web related technolgies. I have cleared Sun Certification for Java2 Programmer exam.

To add, I have a working knowledge of IBM Websphere Studio V5.0 and J2EE1.3 mostly through self study.

I am not sure whether i should try taking IBM 286 or IBM 287 ?
Should I go for IBM 286 and then for IBM 287 ?

IBM 287 requires quite some time for studying and practising. I am looking to have either of the certification within 3-4 weeks.

Also what is the demand for either of these in the market ?

Can someone help me out.
Check the below site for list of mock exams available on net :
-Angela Narain
22 years ago
Congratulations FEI NG.
All the best for your future prospects
22 years ago
Congratulations Shailesh !
22 years ago
Congrats Suresh.
All the best for the future.
22 years ago
Thanks Marcus.I really enjoyed going through your notes and giving the mock exams. They were indeed very helpful. I hope u come up with more mock exams in the near future.
22 years ago

Originally posted by Shyamsundar Gururaj:
Congrats Angela! This is not a surprise. Knew you'd do well anyway.
Good Luck

22 years ago
If i stand correct, the font used in the exam was Arial 10.
And yes i too had some problem with distinguishing between
"1" (one) and "l",but i guess u just need to look more closely !!

Thanks a lot Ashok khetan , swati bannore and Roopa Bagur.
A special thanks to you ,Jane for always being there
to answer my queries.

22 years ago
I am having a panel in which there are two textfields.
Now on focus lost of the first textField , i open for a
JDialog box , within which i have one button clicking
on which another JDialog box opens.
Closing the last opened JDialog i come to the first JDialog opened,
which when closed returns me back to the first panel with
the textFields.
Now here comes the problem,, when it returns back i get two
focus/flashing carets , one of the next immediate editable textField and other on the first one.
Does anyone have an idea how i can solve this ?
Any kind of help would be appreciated.
22 years ago
Congratulations Saggi ! Great score.
All the best for whatever next you plan.
22 years ago
Thanks Gaja Venkat & suma krishnan
Suma, the questions that i got on fill-in type were more related
to concate one or more strings combined with parameter passing.
One of them was related to exception handling .
22 years ago
Thanks a lot Padmaja Balaji. Yeah i am more than satisfied with this score. All the best to you too.

22 years ago
Congrats Val.
I think you are doing an excellent job.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks a lot Dave Vick,Manish Hatwalne ,Ashik uzzaman ,ersin eser
Jim Petersen( All the Best , Jim )
,Valentin Crettaz ,Gagan Indus ,peter parker
Shyamsundar Gururaj and Paul Anil.
Thank you all for showing your confidence in me. I will definitely
hang around this site for the time to come. Yeah though i thought
of taking a four days break Ashik, i am back in my office !!!
About I/O and java.util. you should be thorough with all the constructors
What i used to do , every alternate morning take about 1 hr and write down all the known constructors and methods for or java.util packages. Initially you can look into the book, the next day try notting down without looking into it. But do make it a POINT to WRITE down.
Also you can do the same thing for java.lang package classes, specifically methods of String, String Buffer and Math. More of memory retention sort of thing. But do this exercise for some time, definitely helps.
Also parameter passing between methods specifically for string and
stringbuffers should be clear. ( Well though i think i lost out
one question on it ). The like-a, has-a type relationships should
be also clear.
Regarding the mock exams i took, i referred to an extensive
listing of all the available mock exams at the below site.
You can refer to Maha Anna's page on this site, gives a very
good listing of all the mock exams, around 44 or something.
Try out all possible mock exams. Ofcourse leave out Marcus test for the last three weeks.
Do work out the mistakes from all the past exams, try out giving exam
on alternate day maybe, so that in between you can correct and work
around the problems.

Also as i mentioned acc. to me JQPlus is good enough, very
good coverage of all the concepts , good explanation. ( In case
you plan to purchase you can go for this one.). The level of questions
ofcourse is quite close to the real one. So go ahead with it Peter ..
If possible refer to maybe just one book, the JLS, the JDK API.
and some good mock test engine.
Hope all this can help all those aspiring for the exam.
Thanks once again.
SCJP2 ( Great feeling to write this at the end !! )
22 years ago