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Recent posts by Stefan Meier

Hi *,

I am trying to migrate a small web application to JSF. The app will run on WAS 6.1, I decided to use JSF RI 1.1.01.

I have a main JSF view from which the user can navigate to other pages. The problem is that the main JSF does not call any action on the associated managed bean as soon as I add an

element. I also tried to use value-binding

but without success. As soon as this selectOneMenu resides on the form in the view, nothing (except of a roundtrip) happens... I inserted <h:messages/> but did not get any validation errors. No output to the console or runtime errors as well...

Here are some fragments:

Main_Backing (

Thanks a lot for your help!

13 years ago

Razi Abbas wrote:No updates ... they are not replying to emails now ...

Guess I should rethink about SUN certifications if this is the customer support they have ....

Hi Razi,

I wrote an email to on 12/25/2008 regarding the disappearing of the old results in CertManager and recieved an answer today.
I passed in the meantime.

I assume their queue of incoming emals must be huge...

Thumbs up!


Originally posted by lorraine ong:
hehe ... will there be another result for part 3 or is this it?

Hi Lorraine,

yes, that's it. Part III is an exam to let the assessor know that you (=the person who is taking part III) knows details about part II.


15 years ago

Originally posted by Razi Abbas:
No updates ... they are not replying to emails now ...
Guess I should rethink about SUN certifications if this is the customer support they have ....

Hi Razi,

have you recieved your results?

I did reupload the assignment on 12/18 and recieved the results yesterday. I passed.

Hmm. But as I look at the proceeding with your assignment, I wonder in which sequence the assessors do the review of the assignments. Last in, first out? Region specific? Don't know.

But I keep my thumbs up for you!

Good luck!

[ December 30, 2008: Message edited by: Stefan Meier ]
Hi ranchers,

I have recieved great news for today:

I looked up Sun CertManager and noticed that an assessor has reviewed my SCEA J2EE resubmission.

Here are the results:

Grade: P
Score: 77
The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70.
Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 36
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 30
Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 11

I got the results ten days after resubmitting. The only thing I changed from my first attempt (65P.) was the class diagram. It has been sufficient to pass.

It's not a great score, but I did not dare to change the component diagrams due to dependencies to the sequence diagrams where I got good marks.

For this exam I must say that I am kind of a last-minute-guy. The thumbscrew that motivated me to finish part II has been Sun's announcement to retire the old certification.

I finished part I in April 2006 with 91%, parked the assignment in the drawer for two years and finally sat down on part II from September 2008. SCEA part II is the first exam I have done which I didn't pass on the first try.

Thanks all ranchers of the SCEA forum for their valuable input and their support (esp. "Take a close look at your class diagram and determine if ALL the requirements from the BDM and the use cases are fully met.").

Anybody on the SCEA5 upgrade exam? I will do a forum search...

Now it's time for one or two


[ December 29, 2008: Message edited by: Stefan Meier ]
15 years ago

Originally posted by Harry Byte:

Is it possible to use my own documents and stuff during the essay exam or is it forbidden to use any material whilst sitting for the exam?

On Part III, which was my latest exam, we weren't allowed to bring in own documents. Even a bottle of water or handkerchiefs weren't allowed. Maybe they fear cheating.

Good luck!


Originally posted by Rajiv Sethumadhavan:
Hi Guys,

I am in the same spot as you guys. I have sent a mail to SUN but no response as yet. How many days it take for SUN to respond and provide you with upload rights? Also, is there any way it can be expedited by emailing a contact other than the alias?

Appreciate the help.


Hi Rajiv,

for me the same as for Lakshmi above: within one or two business days I got the permission. For granting the upload rights Prometic has to get in touch with Sun first. Maybe there is a delay because of the holiday season. Before submitting SCEA Part II I also spoke to a Sun customer service representative in my area. They are listed on on Sun's training web site. That might also be a good address.

Good luck!

I think this is not a good idea and would perhaps violate a non-disclosure agreement. I roughly remember that there was a rule like "all information is private and has to be kept confidentials" on the page before the assignment download page. But I'm not sure.

Further, most of the techniques of the "old" part II can be applied to the new one.

Just my two cents

Hi George,

as long as you meet the requirements I would say it depends on you.

I decided to add only those which can be considered as "entities" later (and a very few classes for business processing). The Cade/Roberts book aided a lot here.

Have you looked at the search results for class diagram here? Might also give some inspiration.

Good luck!


I hope you were ganted the upload rights in the meantime.

For taking part III you will first have to buy a voucher for it at or a local subsidiary, if you haven't already.

Then you will have to schedule an appointment with a testing centre and finally sit on the part III of the exam.

Parts II and III will be graded together.

If you like you may also have a look at
JavaRanch SCEA FAQ.

Good luck!

Hi Babar,

from my point of view it is very important that your assignments meets all the requirements. To me, the BDM (which I have interpreted as from a customers perspective) is a requirement and has to be met.

Good luck!

Hi Razi,

I have resubmitted my assignment for SCEA1.4 (CX-310-300R).

However the site ( still shows the old score.
1. How long does it take for the score to be updated. Its been more than 5 weeks for me.

Did you recieve the new score in the meantime? If, could you please tell how long you have been waiting for your results?

3. Is there someone in SUN whom we can "call on phone" to takl about this ?

I think the only way to contact Sun is to send an email to a Customer Service Representative at

4. Is there a way by which I can find out what my earlier score was. As this so since Sun replied to me that the score is updated and I strongly beleive that is the old score (original assignment).

Don't know. The details from my old assignment disappeared a day after resumbitting the revised assignment. Personally, I have taken a screenshot before.



Originally posted by Awais Bajwa:

I actually bought a vouchar for part 3rd and almost completed my part 2 assignment but didnt upload it on the website, can anyone please tell me that if I have to upload the assignment till 12/31 or also have to take an exam till 12/31.

Email from
Thank you for registering for the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform (310-051). Due to the new release of the SCEA 5, Sun will be discontinuing the existing exam (310-051, 310-300A, 310-061).

Please note that you will have until February 29th, 2008 to purchase your vouchers for 310-300A and 310-061. You will have until December 31, 2008 to complete all parts of this exam.

Also, you CANNOT combine Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 of the SCEA (310-051, 310-300A, 310-061) exam with the existing new exam SCEA 5 (310-052, 310-301A, 310-062).

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please contact SUN, at


Hope this helps.



Originally posted by Paolo Righetti:
I don't received anything else than a report that says 59%.
About the diagrams, I have provided the 29 Diagrams that explains the system.
I could understand if someone tells me something like, "-the system doesn't meet perfomance requirement", or "-there are scalability problems" and so on .. But speaking seriusly, a percentage about some diagrams, doesn't tell me anything. It is only very confortable for Sun.

Have you had a look at I failed scea part 2: time to learn from mistakes in the meantime?

Good Luck


Originally posted by uwe schaefer:

let us know...

The voucher (CX-310-300R) was not available at the online store. I had to call a sales representative by phone. After two days of waiting for the arcticle re-appearing in the online store again, Sun decided to sell the voucher offline. I had to sign a confirmation and the next day I have been able to resubmit my assignment. I keep my fingers crossed.