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Recent posts by Jeroen T Wenting

Originally posted by Ernest Friedman-Hill:

You kill me, J.W.

not intentionally. I'm not that evil
17 years ago
You are both right and wrong.
The client indeed has those requirements, the server has far wider requirements.
Both need to be implemented. How you take care of any mismatch between them is up to you.
You don't send emails from JSP pages (yes, you can but you shouldn't). JSP are meant for display purposes, not performing business logic.

Javamail is a standard part of J2EE, therefore a full featured server will have it for use by servlets and EJB (for example).
17 years ago
I've found that many SOAP layers will permit things that aren't strictly in compliance with the standard (and some will reject things that are).
So using a WSDL validator to determine whether something is really valid WSDL isn't going to give more than a broad indication (if it validates it's more likely to be valid than when it doesn't) but that's as far as it goes.

The source generator from .NET 2.0 is one of the best I've tried so far. It will yield warnings in many places where Axis for example silently agrees with your invalid WSDL.
Things like overloaded methods for example aren't allowed according to the spec, .NET gives a warning but generates them where Axis just goes ahead and gives you the green light.
something to do something at some time for some duration.
17 years ago
if it doesn't match the requirements, it will likely result in failure.
You can't use goto in Java, so you can't jump back into the try block from the catch block.
You might be able to create new code on the fly using libraries like BCEL, but it's not something you want to do (makes testing almost impossible for example) as those libraries aren't meant for what you think you need to do.
17 years ago
no, that's not a good idea.
Figure out why it fails if it is marked as being xml (which should give you a strong hint as to why it fails) and fix that.
17 years ago
the greatest villain in film must be princess Leia.
Using her sex appeal to trick gullible people like Luke Skywalker into joining her terrorist organisation in order to overthrow the legitimate government of a galaxy is beyond the pale.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
Just to clarify what Jeroen said, if people in Europe or the USA talk of Bhagwan (or Bagwhan or one of several other spellings), they are talking about this man, who -according to Wikipedia- was indeed Indian.

Correct. He was just called Baghwan here, nothing else, and his movement the "Bagwhan movement".
17 years ago
I purchased (or rather had my employer purchase ) the assignment in July 2005.
I sent in my submission yesterday (though it was finished last summer, except for the documentation and end user testing).
So it took me (not full time, maybe an hour or so a day on average) about a year to code.

Originally posted by Paul Wheaton:

My point exactly. The double blind experiments that should have been done were not done.

Correct, your friend did not do a double blind experiment before making his conclusion...
Nor did you do one before excepting that conclusion as gospel.
17 years ago
Could be a valid solution, but not the only valid solution.
I have made my database server rather generic, so it knows nothing about the actual data it is serving (except field types and lengths, and the number of fields per record, which are stored in metadata for the specific implementation).
It takes and yields String arrays, which are converted into data objects clientside.