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Recent posts by Santiago Urrizola

you need to know the basic concepts, life cicle, ifz to implement, methods, etc.
PART I with 5 years experience in EJB .. 2 month
PART II .... 2 or 3 month
PART III ... just walk to the testing center.
This is complete normal, you can't see your answers.
1) part I took me 2 month, part II about 5 month, and part III only one day
2) Yes, in my personal case and my personal opinion, have a great value in the market
Mark Cade study guide !!! realy grate document
It's only simple questions about part II.

1. I just need to know whether a spell/grammar checker available when writing answers for PART 3?

No it dosnt. Jus a text area to type ....

2. How much detail do I need to elaborate for answers? Does it mean that I need to take 22 Minutes (90 Minutes / 4 Questions) and elaborate as much as possible???

I take my 3rd part in about 10 minutes for all 4 questions, just answer concrete.
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