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RudraNarayan Garnaik

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since Apr 29, 2006
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Recent posts by RudraNarayan Garnaik

Hi Everybody,
Can anybody give me the clear picture, what is business deligate in struts? how it is usefull for programmer.
14 years ago
It is depend upon your Manager and your company too........

But i have seen so many guys getting higher salary by showing these certificates. The certification not only help you for hike of you salary but affects your position from difference perspective........
Oviously SCJP5....
no need to compare is a clear picture.....
Hello Everyone,
I would like to attend the SCJP exam can any body help me regarding that??? Basically I am from India and staying at Bangalore( The major IT city)Because of my heavy work-load I unable to collect the depth information Please suggest me from where and how to buy the voucher? what is the cost for that? how and when I will get discount for that? how many day it will take for me to attend the exam?

Currently I am working as application engineer in a USA base Telecom companyand i am expertise in JSP, servlet, Struts and Oracle. Can any body suggest me which SUN certification is suitable for me?

I would really appreciate if someone can suggest me regarding Sun java certification for me.