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Recent posts by John Waugh

Hi All,

Thanks to all of you and javarach for providing such a informative discussion.

I have doubts which are very basic level.
Making a Hello World or small application do not require an architect but normally an Telecom OSS system do requrie. Many time applicaiton grows from a small to big one, Those application normally have an exprienced developers of same project, these developer start playing role of architect.

So my doubt is

Where architecture is required? What requires an architecture?


How an organisation decide that this application needs an architect or not?

Another simple example of the builder pattern could be - Suppose windows explorer like utility needs to be made.

The explorer contains two primary part 1)Tree like directory structure - shown in left pane 2)List of folder/files in the right pane.

Now File system can be loaded in one common data structure. Here Director will invoke Left pane Builder for making tree and Right pane Builder for generating the list.

For any change in file, only Right pane Builder will be invoked by Director.

While change in directory structure may require both pane need to rebuild
For Singleton check can also be added in constructor to throw exception if object is already there for that class.
So, this can be interprated as abstract factory pattern is also factory pattern but factroy pattern is not nessarily abstract factory one.

EJBHome is an example of Factory Pattern.


In my view Sequence diagram not showing any layer in between will create confusion. It will not be clear that the record is created by Entity Bean or normal JDBC call.