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Recent posts by uday atyam

I stared preparing for SCWCD ..I do have the Book Head First Servelts and JSP..

DO i need to prepare all the 14 chapters to cover the exam...

Also, how does the pattern of exam varies with SCJP 1.4..( in SCJP1.4 we do have a code where u need to find errors or the output).

Is this the same with SCWCD too..

Cleared my SCJP 1.4 yesterday with 86%...Thnx for the support ..and this site is very good for discussing abt subject...

I appereciate the effort who are suporting this site..

15 years ago
opps...I am sorry...the inner loop is "j<x[i].length".

Can you tell me what the output is ...
public class Test{

public Static void main(String [] args){

int [] [] [] x= new int [3] [] [];
int i,j;
x[0]=new int[4][];
x[1]=new int[2][];
x[2]=new int[5][];

for (i=0;i<x.length;i++)
for(j=0;i<x[i].length;j++) {

x[i][j] = new int[i+j+1];
System.out.println("size = " +x[i][j].length);

Could you pls send me the material..

My mail id:: chandu_atyam@yahoo.com

Thank you..
Hello guys...

I would like to join this group..Did anyone of u got registered for the exam..

My id: ucatyam@gmail.com

I am trying to execute a java file using packages...but i am not successful in doing that..

I created a folder name (world) in C drive.. and the file name is Hello.java
The code in Hello.java is as follows

//Program starts from here

package world;
import java.io.*;
// package world;
public class Hello{
public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println("Hello WOrld");


C:\> set CLASSPATH=.;C:\;
C:\>cd world
C:\world> java world.Hello

i dont know what wrong i was doing here..I am new to this concept..can u check this