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Recent posts by Mattias Sands�ter

Ivan Krizsan wrote:Hi!
What kind of client are you using?
Have you tried to use soapUI to send requests to the web service and examine the result?
If using soapUI does not work, then there is a problem with your web service.
If soapUI does work, but your client does not work, then the problem is most likely to be the client.
Best wishes!


I tried soapUI with my small "learning-project". It is able to send a request, and it gets a response (the same works with my java me client). But just as described in this thread, when it reaches the server, the arguments are somehow lost.

My wsdl looks like

12 years ago
Hi. I am learning about web services by developing a small application. So far I have
# Wsdl-document
# Small Java ME application as a client
# PHP on Apache as server (with Mysql)

I just start my client, try to make a call to the server which is supposed to retreive two strings which it should write to the database, very simple.
The status right now is that the server seems to get the call, and a new row is written to the database. The problem is that the only thing that is written are empty strings.
I have tried to write files on the server with the values that it receives but they seem empty already from the beginning.
The client gets the returning 5 and from that side everything looks fine.


XML from Wireshark (freely written so there could be smaller typos)

My serverfiles

Help-class that writes to database
12 years ago
Unfortunately not.
The program dont seem to respond at all at my yes/no:s.

I have thought of, if I sign the Midlet, so it doesn�t have to ask for permission, it might work better. But even if that would work, I think this is some kind of erronous behaviour.
16 years ago
Isn�t there anyone who can help me with this? It is causing enormous problems for me. My master thesis work is standing still right now.
16 years ago
I have a huge problem. I cant use the filesystem. If I use it before the gui-parts it works fine, I only need to choose yes when I am asked for permission. But after the gui is layed on, nothing happens when I get the permission question. I can press yes and no for hours without a sign of life.
[ May 10, 2006: Message edited by: Mattias Sands�ter ]
16 years ago
Thanks for trying help me.

Do you mean that when I arrive to a filesystem sensetive method call like listRoots() I just do like this:

I tried this, but it couldn�t reach the e-variable from inside the inner class.
[ May 05, 2006: Message edited by: Mattias Sands�ter ]
16 years ago
I get the warning "Warning: To avoid potential deadlock, operations that may block, such as networking, should be performed in a different thread than the commandAction() handler."

It starts when I start to access the file system, more specific when I try to list the roots with listRoot(). I know this would be fixed with threading but I am not so good at it. I did do some tries but without success.

Should I move all my filesystem methods into some threaded class or just parts of it? Please guide me into the right direction.
16 years ago