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Recent posts by Madhav Lakkapragada

I will proudly wear my 10 year old JavaRanch shirt tomorrow to work, and it still fits me just like it was 10 years back. I haven't been around lately but I can still feel the vibe. You know, I haven't forgotten my username / password. This place still has a significant place in my heart.

Happy birthday Ranch.

- m
14 years ago

Notes on this question are available all over the net. Please use the search feature to locate the previous discussions.


- m
Driving with a person from India is as harmful as driving in general. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Now regarding the google video you posted well its about "driving in India". And for that you need to know the rule of the land, right! So here it is (not because it is right or wrong, but from a safety aspect):

The biggest vehicle on the road owns the road. Meaning, the biggest vehicle at any given point of time has the right of way.

Its that simple.

When there is a truck/bus on the road, everything else must yield.
When there is a car on the road, auto (some) / scooters / bikes/ cycles / pedestrians must yield.
When there is a 3-wheeled auto on the road, scooters / bikes/ cycles / pedestrians must yield.
When there is a scooters / bike on the road, cycles / pedestrians must yield.
When there is a cycle on the road, pedestrians must yield.

Now go back and watch the video. Everyone follows the rules. Its that simple.

- m
17 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:

I will everything that I can to make my wife happy, even at my own expense, meaning I don't care about my happiness, I am spending 100% of my effort to make her happy, and she feels and acts the same way with me. So even though I say I am your "doormat", I am never treated that way, and vice versa.


And there lies the argument 'Honey, Why do you want to be the doormat when I don't treat you like one?', which she doesn't really mean. But, from a guys perspective since she asked, she means it. And then the guy feels like that doormat. Are we getting anywhere!!!

- m
17 years ago
IMHO, bug fix is something that fixes the source of the bug. So, I would use the term workaround. ;)

Anyways, glad to know the xs:all feature. Never used it and I faintly remember reading it, atleast it didn't register in my brain till now that is.

- m
The schemalocation attribute is used to tie a namespace to a schema. Hence, the value of this attribute is a pair of URI and NOT a single URI value. It is actually a name-value pair that forms the value of this attribute.

Additional details can be found in the specification.

- m
Hmm.....usually we use schemas are used to define the structure of your XML and validate the structure. So if you have random elements in your XML, then its debatable whether you need a schema or otherwise. That said, you can as well write a schema that does not enforce......welll.....nooo.

The more I think about this the more I am inclined to say I wouldn't bother with a schema. If I were to do this, I would get rid of the schema (if that is possible) and move that business logic into the JDOM code. Logically validate if the elements are present or otherwise.

I am interested in any other ways of doing this. Other thoughts please.

- m
There is no one master tutorial unfortunately. Different ones' come with different flavors and each one helps people at a different level.

If you want to start with this technology, I suggest the w3schools. They give you the basics and once you are through with those, you can build on other tutorials.

- m
Just bring this upto the top....
With the number of Indian like names and India related discussions in this forum, I was hoping there would be more participation (at the very least some interest / discussion) on his thread.

I once again request folks to take a look and consider making a difference. If you have questions, please feel free to post or send me a note (

- m
17 years ago

Originally posted by marc weber:
Different people have different priorities (and different perspectives), but the important thing is to do something. What that is depends on you.

I like that. It is important to do something. I recently joined the Asha For Education organization. This organization supports educaion for the under-privilaged children. I am coordinating one of the Chapters. I have never done anything like this before so this is my first experience. So far I liked it.

Currently, we are promoting an annual fundraising event called Work An Hour - we request people to donate one hours pay to this cause. I posted this before in MD and there was one donation. This event runs till September 5 th which is observed as teachers day in India.

From my short experience in this area, I can say that I am doing my part to help. The result ofcourse is not in my hand. (Thats' from Bagawadh Gita.) All I can do it request a donation.

No matter what cause you choose, if you do your part sincerely that is what matters. I have friends that support church missions, feed the homeless every Sunday etc etc. I also participate in Habitat for Humanity - thats another very good cause.

My two cents....

- m
17 years ago
While working with XSL, I found the following links very handy and helpful to know about the tags and the functions.

1. XPath & related functions
2. XSLT tags

- m
Personally I don't expect much maybe a $1 for each technical post I made in the past six years.

Just to provide some cost-of-living statistics so that people reading this message can make a good judgement on how much to donate -

A donation of about $10/- to $25/- supports he cost of school (books, tution, one meal etc) for one student for ONE MONTH. You can get information like this and more on the Asha For Education website here. One reason that I can give is that we tend NOT to use any part of the donation money for administrative costs. Hope this makes it easy for people to make their own judgement about what a small amount is and what a reasonable amout is. The only reason I am posting this is the hope that it will help people make their own judgements / decision.

Thanks for the donation.

- m
17 years ago
[If you are NOT interested please ignore this thread - no abuse please.]

[To Moderators: I maybe walking a thin line between MD and BA. If you think its BA, feel free to lock the thread and move it there. My intention is to get the attention of the folks in MD. Thanks for your consideration.]

Greetings from an Asha Volunteer!

On the eve of India�s 60th Year of Independence, we would like to request your Company to participate in India�s development. One of the key links to development is Education. Sadly, basic education has not received the focus it needs, and even today, many of India's children � over 50 million of them � are out of school. They have no access to basic education, have never read a book, and will continue living a life of poverty. A few of the problems they face are - not being able to travel long distances to reach a school; not having enough food to carry them through the day; and not being accepted in schools where they are of lower / other castes.

We invite you to join us this year between August 15th and September 5th � Teacher�s Day in India - to bring hope to these children, and make a difference in their lives. Visit and make a corporate donation. Work an Hour funds teacher's salaries, bridge programs, and mid-day meals that allow children much needed support for schooling.

Please consider a making a tax-deductible donation online at :

About Asha: The spirit of Asha is to promote basic education of under-privilaged kids in India. Asha also tries to give 100% of the donations to the cause that it was donated for. Administrative costs are shared by the core volunteers. You can read all about it on the website.

Why Asha? Asha for Education is rated one of the top Charities. You can get details here.

Thanks for your support.
And Thanks for not abusing this thread in anyway.

- m
[ August 19, 2006: Message edited by: Madhav Lakkapragada ]
17 years ago

I am a bit confused about your post. If not attributes are you suggesting that it should be an element ?

Just trying to understand the pros / cons.

- m
Any logic based on the value of an attribue seems like "business specific" logic more than a schema rule.

Personally, I would like my application to make that decision rather than in an XSD. So, if I were to write the rule I will expect everyone to have a quality attribute and leave it to the application to make sense of it.

All providers must provide a quality and then have a seperate list of trusted-providers. If a provider is in the trusted-provider list, ignore the quality. This is how I would do it in the application.

My two cents.

- m