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kittu vadde

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since May 13, 2006
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Recent posts by kittu vadde

you can't see your score on certmanager. as a mater of fact you can't get it from any source except from your score sheet. you should be able to login if you provide the id properly.
[ August 19, 2006: Message edited by: kittu vadde ]
do anybody got questions on single thread model?
i am going to give my exam on 21 this month.
reply fast
[ August 18, 2006: Message edited by: kittu vadde ]
Rs 7200 in india.
i heard some people are giving it gor 5900 for IT employees if you can provide HR letter.
hi all,

i want scwcd 1.4 objectivewise ques/ans meterial like danchisolem for scjp. can any help me out in this regard.
mine is geeksoft
14 years ago
i heard work is good. pay will be lesser than Inds'ry standerd.

for fresher 3yr bond will be there.

if they feel that ur worth than they won't leave u after the bond period(Seriously!!!)
14 years ago
i heard syntel is black listed.
collect some more info before joining...
14 years ago
Basics like PF, HRA and medi claim will be provided by any employer.
Things like LTA,Medical Insurence, Phone bill pay etc.. is optional and they will vary from employer to employer.

But we can't negotiate on benfits as they will be according to company policies.
14 years ago
Hi Guys,

In Oracle IDC, there is a recruitment is going on. Any 2005 passouts having 6 months of real experience (note REAL EXPERIENCE. pls don't end me in trouble as Oracle do background check), intrested in joining Oracle, then send ur resume to me at

only Java/ C/ C++/ SQL/ PL/SQL candidates

u need to join Hyd dev center. package will be around 4 - 5.5 lakh
22 is the last date to submit. pls send me the resumes before 22.

sorry for informming late...
14 years ago
if u are ready to work on proprietry tech's(which won't fetch once u came out of the company), then it's one of the best comp to join
14 years ago
hi guys,
i am from india. i applied for H1B. if every thing goes fine i may land in new jersy by the end of this year.
i am having 2 yrs of experience. i work for Oracle India as a java developer. am having scjp and planning to take scwcd before comming to US.
now tell me...
will my oracle brand help me in US too?
how's the market in US?
how much package i can expect? if i given an offer how much i can demand.

or do u guys suggest me to stay in India?
my current package in india is Rs. 5,00,000 per anum.

and one thing home much it will take VSC to issue the EAC number?

reply back guys..

thanks somsekhar for ur sugestion..
14 years ago