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since May 14, 2006
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Recent posts by prasanna kanth

Thanks a lot folks
I actually got it how it works

Can someone explain with the practical scenario when its actually and normally used !!

15 years ago

Can someone explain, how this static block works here, is it a kind of constructor ??
What is the use of static block here and how it behaves ?

It's printing super and two as output !!

15 years ago
Big thanks to all, finally understand how it woks, it was cooking my mind for last two days... woow
15 years ago
If the initial value of i = 0, then it will be 1 at the end.

I am still not clear (sorry to bug u), when it pass the value as 1, that means i is not zero its incremented to 1 :!: ?

If yes, then when it returns zero, the statement should be like i = 1 + 0 right :roll:

How come the incremented i value become again 0?

15 years ago
Sorry, it actually returns 1,0

Ok if its a Post increment, what is the value be passed to the function 0 or 1

15 years ago

When the above code compile and run, it give 1,0 (I am confused how?)
when it pass the value its passing as 1 then the value should remain same when it returns zero.
and it should be like i = 1 + 0;

As per my idea it should give 1,1

Can any one explain clearly how it works here ?
15 years ago
Thank you, Ulf Dittmer

Now I manage to generate the Stubs, service, ServiceLocator and portType files from the wsdl. But not sure how to implement these with my exiting code.
My code has the required data to be passed, but i didn't get much idea on how to do this

Need advise, on how to use these files...!

Thanks in advance.
15 years ago
Let me explain the scenario first, (May be I don�t use the exact terminology, but I hope I can make out what I need)

I have some applications which is running as standalone Swing component
Now for some validation purpose, I have to interact with Web services.
I am nothing to do with web service end, as the service(or wsdl) is already exists in the server, I just need to invoke with some values and should get the response from it.

I hope I explained what I need.

1. How is it possible to talk from standalone java swings component to Web services
2. Is there is any special API will help to do, if yes what is that.
3. Can someone help me to provide some piece of code how to interact?
4. What are the things I should know before I start.

Really appreciate your kind advice, I am desperately waiting for the feedback as its very urgent from my end.

Thanks in advance.
Prasanna T :roll:
15 years ago

Thanks for your valuable time & your point.
I just converted a String into a reader, now this working fine...

With Cheers,
Prasanna T
[ August 16, 2006: Message edited by: prasanna kanth ]
Hi pals, I am in urget neeed.

Acctuly, I am validating the XML with XSD, my problem is When we validate It required a Name of the XML(file path), but I am generating the XML by code, so its in a string,It will show the error at runtime.

What I need is - Is there is any method which will takes the String contents as parameter...
any converter this available...

Any point would be highly appricated...

[ August 04, 2006: Message edited by: prasanna kanth ]
The error comes, only the reason on Administrative Object not created properly, create the proper JNDI name in you server, the same name use it for the look..

With cheers,
17 years ago
Hi, after a struggle I got the solution,


I am running the JMS code, I am getting error message like this, I am using with weblogic.

I don't know where the problem, it may be wrong in Weblogic settings, or JNDI properties, or missing any class files.

I have included jms.jar, javax.jms.jar and j2ee.jar

I am new to JMS & weblogic, so, please guide me how to handle it, I am not able to find it,

if some one helps, It will grate

Thanks in advance

Thanx for ur valuable advice, the problem is solved...

I have take the xml values form SAX and put it in the Hashtable,
and through DOM I parsed the new XML file, and changed the values where i required....

so, I used both SAX and DOM

Thanks for ur effort
I need a urgent help on XML topics,
I have written a Java code which can take a XML file, and parse it, and read the value from the XML, upto this working fine,

Now, after collecting the values, I want to take one more XML file, In this what ever the value I have take from the previous one, I have to replace with the New XML file, here i don't know how to do it.

For this I am using the SAX parse to take the values, but I don't know how to write a XML file, with the new value,

Thankyou for you kind attention,
:roll: Prasanna :roll: