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This exception thrown is Follow by

This is the way, I created the table

Therefore, that's why I don't need the persistence provider to insert that column for me. Any idea?
Same error on the class file as well. Do I really need the @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.IDENTITY) . Since in this case, my database will automatically generate the value for me, instead of the persistence provider?

I read from the Java API docs, it says that if we have @Column(insertable=false) , the persistence provider will ignore this column for the insert statement. But for me it is not happening, every time it still insert to the column, which at the end will throw error, because of having the same primary key.
I realised everytime when I use @GeneratedValue(strategy=IDENTITY), there will be an error in the .class file. It will give me something like this @GeneratedValue(strategy="<error>")

Wonder why? Is it something wrong with my netbeans compiler?
Help needed very much guys Cheers.
Yeah, I've tried that, but it doesn't seem to work.
I'm pretty new to JavaEE technology. Hopefully, you guys can help me out with this issue that I'm facing.

I have a table created, which inside it there's a column "id" which is a primary key field and the key will be auto generated by default. On the other hand. I've a Entity class, where the persistence provider will auto include every field to database. My question is, how can I prevent this from happening?

By the way, I've tried using @Column(insertable=false). This doesn't seems working though.

they send it from the US or from the country that we are in?
i had passed the SCJP exam, but i had waitied for 3 weeks for the cert to arrive but it still haven't arrived, usually how long does it take for the cert to arrive at our door step?
can i say that absolute path, they search from the root folder regardless what the current directory is ?
and can i say that relative path search from the current directory and continue search from there?
i would like to know what is the answer for the following code, cause in the book the answer is (Wallace-1 Gromit-1 Gromit-2 Wallace-2) but my answer is (Wallace-1 Wallace-2 Gromit-1 Gromit-2) below is the code:
see the code below is doesn't show anything special..
Just now i have go through some book regarding the join()and yield() method..but i couldn't see any effect of yield() method and join() method..i know what they are use for but i just couldn't see their effect..can someone show me the effect of both of the method ?
In the following code i never see any usage of it...can anyone show me some example?
in the following code what can we add ?