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Thank you so much. One more question, so when we model the class the aggregation will be a pointer to other object and in case of composition the entire object is enclosed within the current class. Am i right?.
Thanks a lot for all your help
Can someone tell me how do we know it is a composition or aggregation?. or what is the difference between composition and aggregation in UML?.
COmposisition is represented with filled diamond.
aggregation is with empty diamond
given a situation how do to decide which is which?
thanks a lot for ur help
Ram Nath
Can anyone tell me the difference between uses and extends usecase?
Is it, uses is used for 2 use cases use a common use case.
extends is for optional error handling?.
What is the diff between primary actor and secondary actor?
Is the secondary actor is the one having out going arrow from the system under consideration.
Can you please suggest me the good book to buy for OOAD ?
Thanks a lot
If the more specific method is in the subclass you won't get the error and it prints the draw in subclass.
i.e. put the draw(int i) in subclass and try.
The compiler gets confused because integer can be promoted to double and it doesn't know which one to call.
hope this helps
Inner class can be used when we want to do some work within the scope of the other class and it need not exist seperately. A good example is creating a linked list class. To create a linked list class, we need to create a node. This node can be an inner class.
Sub classes are classes which derives from the other class (parent class) to provide more specific functionality.
Hope this helps
a = null;
executes the object a is eligible for GC. But no gurantee that when it will be GC'ed.
repaint() calls update() that calls paint(). That is the sequence. So d is not correct.
Let me give you some headstart on this. W and I can have different size. W will take more space than what I takes.
In fixed fonts, all the characters will be of same size/width.
In proportional font, width = average of sizes of all the characters.
Top level class is the one at the top.
Nested Top level class is the inner class declared with static
public class test {
static class inner {}
Local class is the class declared within the scope of a method.
public class test {
public void method() {
class inner {}
JVM will not exit when there are any user threads running.
JVM can exit when there are only daemon threads running.
Hope this helps.
Container class is a normal class in Java 2.0. It was an abstract in 1.1.
This doesn't compile because you are trying to assign Object to Runnable. You need an explicit cast.
Runnable rn = (Runnable)obj;
should work.
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