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Chaminda Amarasinghe wrote:


Assignment and part 3 essay exam are graded together.

Pradeep Mahajan wrote:

Yang Zheng wrote:........there is no deadline, so as You're beginner You are able to take Your time..........

FYI. The JEE5 version comes up with a deadline for assignment submission.
"Time limit: 12 months from assignment download "

Sorry for misguiding. I took old SCEA and there wasn't any time limit.

So in case of student/beginner I wouldn't waste my money for SCEA, unless sb is really motivated to pass this exam.

Why ? Basing on my experience and stories of many of my colleagues, after downloading assignment most of us could not motivate ourselves to prepare assignment I personally know of three persons who did not finished SCEA and stopped after passing part 1 and downloading assignment.
I forced myself to finish SCEA after two years from the time I downloaded assignment.
What's important - all of them were experienced engineers/architects with many years of work experience with J2EE and there's wasn't a case of lack of knowledge.

Ronald Wouters wrote:I guess they should make an update to Figure 8.5 in the following text then, because it still mentions "ValueObject".

Here You have more up to date class diagram of TO applicable to EJB 2.x systems:

Kengkaj Sathianpantarit wrote:Value Object is not the same as Transfer Object (TO or DTO pattern).
Value Object means objects that don't have identity. For example, services are Value Objects.

Value Object is an important building block for software design.

However, when I talk about Value Objects, I refer to Domain-Driven Design.

Are You serious man ?
They changed the name of pattern from Value Object (Ed1 of Core J2EE Pattern) to Transfer Object (Ed2).

You can find bunch of topics here on Javaranch about the whole case, f.e.:

Question was regarding Java EE 5, so was my answer.

Yang Zheng wrote:Hi, guys, thank you all for replying my post.. that's take it easy..

When i visit amazon, i saw to following books listed for scea:

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide (Exam 310-051) by Paul Allen
Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture for J2EE Technology Study Guide (Sun Microsystems Press) by Mark Cade

i am actually considering to buy one of this (or both)...

Do you guys recommend me to buy these books? (or are they useful in preparing the exams?)


Get Cade's book. This book + mock exams was enough for me to pass Part 1, but at the time I took SCEA-1 I had MSc in Computer Science and 4 years of experience in J2EE projects.
After passing part I buy and download assignment and start studying. This is where the real fun begins. Read assignments objectives, try to understand it and then try to study... there is no deadline, so as You're beginner You are able to take Your time.

Good luck.
Java EE 5 contains EJB 3 and JPA. With EJB /JPA new POJO Entities are available.
With such lightweight objects representing data in Java EE applications there is no need of cluttering application with Transfer Objects.
Part I and Part III vouchers are definitely transferable, but Part II ? I doubt that it's transferable.
13 years ago
Dude the very same thing as in Your another post about method naming conventions.

Stick to the spec.
Your goal is to pass the exam. Stick to the spec. I don't see a point in proving that some vendor implementation allows some things which are prohibited by spec.
BTW: Relying on such things in real commercial projects is not the smartest thing to do.
See section 4.6.5 of JSR 220: Enterprise JavaBeansTM,Version 3.0
EJB Core Contracts and Requirements.
Get this one:

and register Your trail with "Order ID (Required to get License) : TRIAL_EJBP_V5 "

It worked perfectly well for me.
[ December 28, 2008: Message edited by: Piotr Uryga ]
Use the search button Luke
If You browse this forum You'll find that some Ranchers changed BDOM and passed the exam, but majority (f.e. me :]) stuck with it. There are plenty of forum topics covering this area of assignment.
Good luck and hurry, because You're running out of time.
I think You should start by using this url and typing Your questions there.

You'll find all the answers there
I have used whizlabs for SCJP and SCWCD alongside with Enthuware.
Now I'm preparing to SCBCD and I'm not going to waste my time on whizlabs.

Most annoying thing: Questions with incorrect answers