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Recent posts by Ketan Khimani

When considering the performance which way is Best to work with JSPs:
I) JSPs with Full of Scriptlets
II) JSPs with JavaBeans
II) JSPs with JSTL (or Custom TagLibrary)
Specifically where JSTL makes the difference? Like handling XML and DB with JSTL is easier Job, But if I am using Beans then writing down DB access code in Beans is reusable. So in that case Jsp-JavaBean is better approach.
17 years ago
If your Session Beans and Entity Beans are in same EJB Container then set the Transaction attribute of Session Bean as TX_REQUIRED_NEW and of Entity Bean as TX_REQUIRED.And that will work.
18 years ago
Thanks Kyle for your prompt reply.
IBM should release this tool
Anyway is there any other tool which is well integrated with WAS for Load Testing.
[ March 16, 2002: Message edited by: Ketan Khimani ]
18 years ago
Where can i find the tool AKTools described in sg246192 (Scalability), which is used for Volume Testing.
In Google i found one presentation which is in Japanese in that the URL was following but it is not working :
18 years ago
Where can i find any Docs related to Firewall configuration with Websphere
4.0 and IHS .
I want to setup DMZ configuration so i wanted to know which ports should
be opened and like some of ports are dynamically takeup by WAS like DrAdmin
Thus which are other ports that i need to configure.
Is there any article on WSDD which can be helpful to this.
Ketan Khimani
Nextgeneration InfoNET Pvt. Ltd
[ March 11, 2002: Message edited by: Ketan Khimani ]
18 years ago
Can anyone tell me abt the minimum Hardware requirement(RAM, Processor and other requirements) for the IBM Http Server.
Where can i get abt this on IBM site or anyother place.
And what should be the requirement for the production environment, if it is a ASP based solution.
18 years ago
When instead of FORM based configuration I had changed to BASIC ,Authentication is working perfectly.
Somebady has suggested me to check the fully qualified domain name defined in Security Center and also SSO. But that was fine.
Because if it was the problem than BASIC Authentication should not work , thoug i had checked that .
If you had any suggestions please do reply to me.
18 years ago
Hi All,
I had implemented Custom database User Registry .
That is working fine when i am entering into Websphere Console. It is asking me Username n password and when supplying it is working perfect.
In Web Application i had defined my login.html as welcome page and in login.html i had defined its action as j_security_check and username field as j_username and password field as j_passsword.
And i had defined security constraints of *.jsp URL pattern in my web.xml file perfectly. And also auth-method as FORM perfectly.
When accessing any *.jsp page it is forwarding to my login.html file and when im entering valid username and password it is again forwarding it to login.html page (which is wrong it should forward to stored URL of *.jsp file) but when entering invalid username or password it is forwarding to error.html.
Now when username/password is correct then it should forward to previously accessed page but which it is not working.Even it is not printing any error in any of the log file.Yes in admin.trace file it is calling all the fuction successfully even checkPassword which is returning true.
What can be the problem here. Then today i had tested again with webBank application provided with sg246176. But it is not working. Then i hd thougt that the problem may be because of Registry implimention so ihad changed the Registry to FileRegistrySample provided with sg246176. The problem was same.
So now what can be the problem???
18 years ago
I think its a problem with URL.A custom property in case of Oracle which ur had not provided with ur Datasource.
In Datasource define custom property named URL and its value as jdbc racle:thin:@urserver:1521:hoststring
and that will work.
If than also ur getting problem then send back reply with ur log file.
18 years ago
Thanks Balbir.
But i just want to know abt the Rational. Anybody had worked on that ???

Originally posted by Balbir Singh:
I have used OptimizeIt with Websphere3.5 on Solaris2.7. For that the only requirement is to change the jdk to reference implementation and then change the application server classpath as metioned in the documentation provided with the tool and deploy the OptmizeIt Servlet.
I will be very shortly using OptimizeIt with WebSphere4.0, since we are migrating to it. I will provide you the information in short time.
Thanks and Regards
Balbir Singh

18 years ago
Hi ,
Just righ click the Test Client and in Classpath tab Edit the Project Path and click Select All and that will remove the ClassNotFoundException.
Because in VAJ for every program you have to add the classpath entries whicehver classes that projcect is using. The same mistake you will be doing in WTE (Websphere Test Environment) for Jsps . In that also while working with JSPs Edit the classpath and add all the projects in classpath.
And yes also try out the HelloClient comes with IBM EJB Samples.

Originally posted by Sumana Reddy:
I wrote a simple session EJB and tested it using the Test Client option that's present in VAJ.It's working perfect.Later i wrote a Client class and tried to access the EJB, the folowing exception is thrown
"javax.naming.NoInitialContextException: Cannot instantiate class: [Root exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:]"
Why is it not able to find CNInitialContextFactory class
Please help me.

18 years ago
Hi all,
I want to know abt the testing tools.
I am working on project in which iam using VAJ 4.0 AS IDE and WEBSPHERE 4.0 AE (multiplatform) as Application Server.
I want to know abt testing tools like Rational Robot, Rational Quality Architecht,OptimezeIt.
Which is testing tool would you suggest suites to the combination of VAJ 4.0 and Websphere 4.0 AE.
For the testing of JSPs and EJBs including Load test,Performance test, functional test.
I am already having all the products of Rational . And also i had tried with OptimezeIt , but i didnt work because it requires plugin-cfg.xml file in which some parameters are there which are in single server edition not in multiplatform edition of WAS AE.
So if i want to go for OptimezeIt then how to configure it that is a quation.
18 years ago
Hi Nijeesh
Create user named EJSADMIN with password EJSADMIN IN UR database.
And grant role of resource and connect to the EJSADMIN user.
18 years ago
I think there is a problem with relationship only, because i am working on that problem only. so will be right back to you with the example.
Just check your relationships.
Because with multiple relationships it was giving similar error , so ihad deleted the relationships and deployed without error. just check and reply back.
18 years ago