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Recent posts by dmitry dvoinov

Pat Farrell, thank you for the reply.

When I said "another server" I ment that I don't want to run other application except my application. It got confused you, sorry.

The reason not to use any RDBMS package is that I think that my task isn't too complex. Using it like breaking a butterfly on the wheel. It might be implemented in other, easier way.

I don't want to write and read file manually because I've thought that if I use third party library it will be easier to use, faster and there will be lesser bugs. So, I'm still choosing a solution.

Hi, guys.

I need to store a list of objects in outside file(s) and load all of them when server restarts. I googled the solution but I didn't find anything. Does anyone know the solution which makes it easy to do such operations?

The list will be updated sometimes: some objects are updated and some objects are added. Removal will be rare operation. Total count of objects will be no more than 200 000 . All of objects must be available for application. I wish all of them must be in memory.

I think that I shouldn't use any database because it make application more complex and I don't want to have one more server.

I've found that JSC or Ehcache can be used for this purpose. But JSC saves its data only on dispose or close. Ehcache is designed to work as cache but not as permanent storage.

That's all that I could find. Please, give me an advice if you know the answer.

Thank you in advance.
thanks to all for replies!
can i invoke in mapping property "formula" any oracle functions?

for example:

<property name="numberField" type="long" column="NUMBER_FIELD"/>
<property name="someField" type="long" formula="FUNC_PACKAGE.CALCULATE(NUMBER_FIELD)"/>

does this code correct and will work?
15 years ago
Hello all!

I have application with many frames in one workspace. One of them has a three JToolBar items. If i make JToolBar floating and then close frame - this floating toolbar isn't closed.

Does anyone know why, and how can i close it?
15 years ago
Hi 2 all!
I have such hibernate mapping:

if anyone knows how to delete records from TABLE2 without deleting corresponding records in TABLE1?
please, help me!

I cant call method of applet from java script!
When i try to do it, browser do not response a long time and this lines appear in console:

liveconnect: JavaScript: calling Java system code
liveconnect: JavaScript: default security policy = http://my_site_here
<-- repeats many times--->

calling method works good in opera and explorer, but doesn't work at firefox :-(
i use jre 1.5.0_06 and firefox 2.0
16 years ago