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Recent posts by Bob Miller

My customer is seeking a J2EE design lead that is looking for an opportunity to work in an exciting, highly dynamic environment. This candidate should have 3 or more years of experience with high-volume J2EE-based e-Commerce sites. The candidate should have experience working in cross-functional teams that lead robust solutions & designs to completion. Tasks will be broad in scope and challenging in nature, with plenty of scope for innovative thinking. Any candidate should be very knowledgeable on Java technologies and trends, with a desire to apply that knowledge to improve the quality of deliverables. Experience with developing and enhancing performant multi-tier J2EE application frameworks is a must. Experience using BEA Weblogic Server 9, Eclipse, SQL Server and Endeca IAP is a plus.

Key responsibilities include:

- Designing and implementing robust Java solutions to meet business requirements
- Participating in code and design review activities as part of a technical review group
- Working with a team of project managers, business managers, production artists, database administrators, system administrators, and build/release engineers to lead projects from inception through to delivery
- Interfacing with onshore and offshore development teams to review their project deliverables and recommend improvements
- Introducing process improvements, application framework changes and new development techniques to the application development group

- Strong object-oriented design and architecture skills, with an emphasis on J2EE design patterns
- Experience working with J2EE application/web server technology, in particular EJB, JSP/Servlets, JDBC & JMS
- Experience in developing E-Commerce websites which support high transaction volumes
- Ability to make forward-thinking decisions & recommendations regarding system architecture
- Sun Certified Architect
- Familiarity with Rational Unified Process or other design methodology
- Experience with website internationalization (i18n) and localization
- Experience with unit-testing frameworks such as JUnit
- Web Services client development
- Understanding of complex database design techniques and approaches
- Strong HTML, DHTML/JavaScript, CSS skills
- Knowledge of using MVC/Web Application Frameworks such as Struts, JSF, Spring MVC or Tapestry
- Knowledge of POJO Frameworks, such as EJB 3.0 or Spring
- Experience in integrating Java appliciations with Enterprise systems, such as SAP and Siebel
- Unix (Solaris) experience
- Knowledge of Endeca Information Access Platform
- Knowledge of Interwoven's TeamSite, Workflow and OpenDeploy
- Portal technologies, such as Weblogic Portal and SAP Portal

Bachelors in Computer Science or related degree. Masters in Computer
Science preferred.

The successful candidate must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

Relocation assistance available

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17 years ago
Essential Job Functions:

�Provide production system support for the existing ELMS user base.
�Design and develop required enhancements, bug fixes and new development initiatives as required.
�Demonstrate strong initiative to advance software, in line with department objectives, with little direction.
�Contribute to the improvement of the development process.
�Assist with the completion of a technical documentation library for the application.


�Degree in a data processing related field or relevant job experience.
�Demonstrated experience with web-based development and OO familiarity.
�Experience with Java development, design patterns and J2EE architecture is a plus.
�Experience developing with WebSphere Application Server, WSAD, relational databases DB2/UDB, Jboss is a plus.
�Must be able to work in a team environment.
�Experience with Java Frameworks (JUnit, Hibernate, Spring) is a plus.
�Experience with RUP development methodology and iterative development is a plus.
�Good communication & organizational skills.
� Candidate should have 5+ years of web development (WebSphere/Java) experience.

Contact: Bob Miller
Advantage Technology Group,Inc.

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[ September 06, 2006: Message edited by: Bob Miller ]
17 years ago
We need two(2) people for 6 month contracts.

This position will be responsible for designing and developing software using the J2EE technology stack.

The candidate will be developing based on Program Design Specification provided by the System Analysts. The candidate will also be responsible for participating in the entire software development process from requirements to system testing however the primary responsibility will be design artifacts, the actual code, unit test plans and integration test plans.

The candidate should have excellent communication skills and verbal skills. The candidate should also be adaptive to a fast paced environment and be willing to accept the challenge.

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience

Java, Java Beans, EJB Required 4 Years

Eclipse IDE Required 1 Year

MVC Framework Required 2 Years

JSF Required 2 Years

Servlets Required 3 Years

JSTL Required 1 Year

DHTML Required 4 Years

XML, XSLT Required 2 Years

Apache Tomcat Required 2 Years

Successful candidates must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents

Please Contact:

Bob Miller
Advantage Technology Group, Inc.
17 years ago
J2EE Developer needed to collaborate and deliver high level development assessment in support of engagement.

My customer requires a software developer with Java/J2EE experience in its Data Services division. The selected candidate will be a contributor in the development of new software products using Java/J2EE technology in a WebSphere server environment. The selected candidate will be a hands-on participant in all phases of the development life cycle including requirements analysis, design, programming, implementation and release. Qualified applicants must have strong J2EE development skills and excellent communications skills. The selected candidate must be self-motivated and capable of working in a fast paced and team-oriented development environment.

The requirements for the position include:
a minimum of 3 years of software development experience
2 years of experience in J2EE technologies including EJBs, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, JSF
specific development experience with front end, middle tier and back end components
experience developing on a WebSphere platform
excellent communication and presentation skills.

Helpful Skills:

Java; Oracle; Enterprise Java Beans; Java 2 Enterprise Edition; Web Logic; WebSphere; JDBC, JMS
Behavior Characteristics:

This is a 3 month contract with good petential for extensions in 3 month increments. Possibility for offer of full-time employment after 9 months.

The successful candidate must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Please Contact:

Bob Miller
Advantage Technology Group, Inc.
17 years ago