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Madhura Phansalkar

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since Jun 12, 2006
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Recent posts by Madhura Phansalkar

can this be a browser issue? i tried on MS-IE and mozilla as well.. doent work anways
Hey Thanks.
the servlets runs independently and is giving XML document back in response.
i am not understanding, why request.send() not invoking invoking this request
I am trying out a simple ajax example
my problem is, when
req.send(null) is called, the servlet handling this request is not called..

i have added the code

var idField = document.getElementById("in");
var url = "validate?id=" + escape(idField.value);

if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
req = new XMLHttpRequest();
} else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
req = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
}"GET", url, true);
req.onreadystatechange = callback;

i have also written the calback function in javascript..

web.xml has following entry


can you please help me....

thanks in advance

Madhura P
Thanks man ! i will try that out
15 years ago

i am developing an application in which i have one.jsp which has one action associated.
i have html:link on same jsp which redirects to two.jsp using forwardaction.

now i need to access values of text boxes on one.jsp in action class associated with form in two.jsp..

please help me in this as i am very new to struts

Thanks in advance
Madhura P
15 years ago

i have tried out one option ..just thought of sharing it with you

you can use xl template file .
simplest way is to use jxls api
fetch data rows from DB, put them in a bean
use transform function to generate xl file filled up with the data..

Configuration cf = new Configuration();
XLSTransformer transformer = new XLSTransformer(cf);
transformer.transformXLS("samplexltemplate.xls", beans,"target.xls");

beans is a map containing required data..
target.xls will be your result xls...

just try this, you can serch on it in details on net

all the best !
15 years ago
actually the effective code is

SecretKey sKey = KeyGenerator.getInstance(DESede/ECB/PKCS5Padding).generateKey();

this is throwing an exception.... algo not supported
15 years ago
My program runs if i use DESede.. it doesnt work with padding.
i tried using full version of JCE . didnt help
program ran once/twice initially and then stopped working cant guess the reason.
15 years ago
i am Using java cryptography extension API to generate a key for encryption.
algorithm used is DES-3

my code
SecretKey sKey = KeyGenerator.getInstance(ICipher.DESede).generateKey();

and ICipher has this constant value:
public final static String DESede = "DESede/ECB/PKCS5Padding";

i am getting the following error Algorithm DESede/ECB/PKCS5Padding not available
at javax.crypto.SunJCE_b.a(DashoA6275)
at javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.getInstance(DashoA6275)

This is a very wierd behaviour because i could run this program successfully once and then this error is coming
also, i am using same padding for testing encryption -decryption logic.
it works properly there.

the program works if i use DESede ie algorothm without padding . but i need to use padding .
please help !

thanks in advance
Madhura P
15 years ago