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I want to publish a web-service on Websphere server on Sun Solaris.
I am trying to expose a simple java bean as web service. I understand that if I have WSAD, I can easily generate web-service out of java-bean and publish it on websphere.

But, on the developement boxes (windows), we do not have WSAD. We instead have Eclipse. Getting WSAD will mean additinal license which client might not agree upon because there is no other use of WSAD otherwise.

What will be the easiest way to go about it. Is there any plugin in eclipse that can do magic. Or is there any free tool that can help me. I am new to both websphere and webservice.

Thanks in advance,
13 years ago
I don't think that you can transfer H1 without entering US.
Most companies ask for last 2 paystubs for processing H1 transfers.

Anyways, I am not a lawyer. Better to get info from a lawyer.
14 years ago
Project Manager manages a single project.
Program Manager manages a portfolio of projects. Typically he is the boss of Project Manager.
14 years ago
I also think I know the company you are talking about. Had been there. Was kept in a frustrating support project where there was hardly anything to learn.

In order to get released after 18 months, start talks with your Manager now. 10 months is a perfect time. Ask him to release you if he cannot find a java project for you. Once you are on bench, it will be easier for you to find a java project.

But yes at your end, utilize this time to get SCJP and SCWCD at least. OOAD will also help. Every one likes to have in his team people who are self-starters, motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Try working on open source projects. Develop your own applications. In big MNCs you get to learn processes apart from technology.
14 years ago
I have had many friends who left fidelity. Technically in terms of java/j2ee they said, there is not much to learn. They have there proprietary framework. I heard this 2 yrs back.

Not sure what is the current scenario.
14 years ago
You are not required to go back to india for stamping.
But if you happen to go to india for vacation / any other purpose, you cannot enter US again before getting the VISA stamped - so you will have to plan ahead and book appointment.
14 years ago
What is your yrs of experience. That should be an important factor in deciding your new role.

Typically 6-10 yrs exp are placed as Project Mgr.
14 years ago
For a Project Manager, I think Infy should be a better place because of the
size /complexity of projects, better processes - which are valuable for a long term PM career.

Typically 6+ experience people are taken as PM. They might end up working alone or managing a team of 30-40 offshore people (based on conversation with my friend who is a PM). The onsite guys are more into co-ordination with offsite / client business or IT team, making proposals, estimation.

By the way how much is infy paying for PM role.
14 years ago
Congratulations !!
Do u mind sharing ur Yrs of experience / Role and Salary offered by Infy.
14 years ago
I also have a question on the same topic.

1. Good people with 5-6 yrs experience in IT are drawing 11-12 lacs p.a salary in India.

2. In ISB - avg experience is 5 yrs and average salary is 11.7 lacs p.a this year.

Is it worth spending time and money on MBA for them ? If yes why ?
Why not instead join a Paymaster company and remain happy ?

What really worries me is that will Ihave to repent in future in terms of slow career growth just because I did not go for MBA now ? Will I end up reporting to a peer just because he did MBA and I didn't ?

Any thoughts ??
14 years ago

Some things that you can do:
1. Target the smaller/lesser known companies first. They will be more likely to accept you.
2. Get certifications. SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD
3. Gather some real-life project experience - may be work for open source projects.
4. If not a full time paid job, try to get at least an unpaid internship position somewhere. At least you will get some handson experience.

Keep trying, Be Positive.

14 years ago
Hey just curious to know how much salary are these companies offering you and how many years of experience you possess ?
14 years ago
Beware of the work hours in Sapient. I am working with some sapient guys in a project. Extended working hours - upto 70 hrs a week is normal for them.

They mostly work on Fixed Time Fixed Cost projects, so there is little scope for variance in cost / schedule.
14 years ago

What is the role that they are offering you ?
What is the typical career progression for that role?

That could also be a deciding factor.

How was the interview like- was it technical or more in terms of project mgt.

14 years ago
As a bachelor, I shared a 2BHK Flat and a Car with another guy. We were able to live happily with 1400-1500 expenditure.

After marriage, nowI m living in a 1BHK flat, have my own Car(second hand). I am spending about 2000 USD, but the tax benefits are more if you have a dependent wife, so effectively it is same as above.

The rest of ur income is saving. With 5000 USD, a saving of 2000 USD after tax should not be difficult.
14 years ago