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Recent posts by NJ Joshi

In your condition based on my experience in US with consulting companies you have limited options.
1. You can't really prove you worked for company and you can not claim for wages either. As you can not show you really worked (time sheets etc).
DOL helps only if you worked and don't get paid.
2.Your landing in US is legal as you have H1-B. But that doesn't prove you are working for company. Thats the reason US Immigration ask for salary slip as proof of employment or W2 that is obviously you don't have.
Your case is landed in US but never joined company.

3.Your company can easily prove that you landed on H1B but never joined them. Until unless you are maintaing timesheets or some some sort of payment proof i.e relocation / plane ticket refunds /written doc on compnay letter head for Social security or bank account or apt rental with some thing that can prove your timespend on work.
4.You can go to DOL for payment claim only if you have proof of work i.e timesheet or similar.
5.Lawyer can't help to get wages either you will only loose money.
6.Your option look for other company who can transfer your visa. There are many who are looking for ppl with valid H1B visa.And they can apply for trnasfer without pay slip or W2 proving to INS that your current employer is not able to provide job for you and hence not paying. This will help on both ways you will get new job and current company going to face difficulty for future visas. I have seen such cases before.
7.You can complain to USCIS for your condition, company hiring on H1 - B without having real jobs and hence not able to pay. This will cause serious problem for future visa applications.
8.You can't get any money from any where only you can hire a lawyer and go to court and ask for compensation but good lawyer eats lot of money that type of cases takes any where 6 mo - 2 year.

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15 years ago
Hi Rambo Prasad,
I have few tips you can consider:
1. Out of US, without exp. in US market, you can not really make sure you are going to get what is offered in offerletter.If this is first job and you can not maintain @ 20,000 USD as emergency fund do not consider any 80/20 kinda offer. No gaurantee you will get paid on time, 101 reasons you will get from your employeer.
Best thing go for a reputed consulting company and make sure they should be able to place you.
2.$ 55000 in NJ is little on tight side in NJ. You need car in NJ, as you dont know where you are going to work, even if your project is in NYC you need car to drive up to station and in winter during snowfall you need car.Rentals are costly and you will end up in paying much more
3.Expenses you can manage in $55000:
1.rent 900-1000 one bedroom apt good for couple.
2.Heat generally incuded in rent(look for such apt) and electricity comes $30 -40.
3.Food $300-400 if you cook at home.
4.Initally you need cloths and stuff (jackets/shoes etc)as per local weather and you will be paying security for each service because you will be without credit history.
5.Ask your company for medical insurance for both of you and if they can't provide its not worth to join.
On an average in NJ/NY savings are 20,000 year on span of 5 years so if you have long term plans and assuming progressive growth in your salary.You can estimate savings.
Also consider India- US trips ( $2500) every year for couple.Auto \transportation cost and last but most important you need to learn driving and take license+ insurance. You can buy a used car don't go for too cheap but in range like 6-8000 you can get a good car. S0 for first year your savings will be @ 10000 if you work for whole year and your desi employeer deal honestly with you.
Best of luck

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15 years ago
Don't come on this salary, for Singapore today condition need at least S$4000 to live a normal life at par you live in India.That inculudes offsets for your sufferings in foreign land.Go for Indian offer or wait for better offer...
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16 years ago
Thanks yogesh,send me message directly or resume_sing@yahoo.com
16 years ago
You said she don't know any thing (other girl) and some how got selected in company.

So every thing is this "some how"?
Remember most of companies in India are not run by professionals or performance basis.In Other countries specifically some icidents of unfair favour i have seen,but they are kinda exception, in India this exception is very general practise.

You have 2 options: ask performace (KPI) key per. indicator in your group how he is managing?and where you stands on that?If in your group any thing he is maintaining like that he should be able to answer you.Then talk to higher management.

second thing leave manager ,not company, I support this decision as you can request to move other team, where you dont need to be PAL .

Comp. those survive on billing Head count matters not performance,even head is full of s*** still generates revenue.If you are working in such a company look for some other company ...

Also if interested my company is hirig in Singapore, send me resume .
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16 years ago
Global Investment bank is recruiting for its IT development in Singapore.
All positions are permanent and based in Singapore.Positions include (various) .Net,Java,C++ and QA skills with some exposure to equities,trading and derviatives, in case of lack of exposure candidate with more then 6 yr exp. will be considered.
feel free to send resume .
16 years ago

Originally posted by RamD RamD:
Currently I am working with one of good (will) Indian company.
My company has filled my H1B for this year (2007 Oct).
Consider a case that I will not get any onsite chance (USA) till 2008 Oct.
1) In this case, How to take a transfer at new company which belongs to USA directly?
2) Or I need to apply for new H1B Application again?
3) Is it possible to transfer the H1B to some other Indian company, even if I do not go to USA anytime?

Please guide me to resolve queries?

Transfer is applicable only if you are working in US,you need W2 or Salary slips.Otherwise you have to file new application.
17 years ago
I am not sure about current India situation,but answer is no or limited.
Like Sales ,education are some sectors where developers can work or Business analysts but again it is in IT.
17 years ago
No body qualifies, change your requirement, all desi consultings are thugs more or less,look for proper US company.not consulting.
[ February 24, 2007: Message edited by: NJ Joshi ]
17 years ago
I moved from US to Singapore after 8 years and I do agree with each line you posted . I dont see smart developers ,lack of competency , dull kinda ppl .

Originally posted by Saliya Jinadasa:
I worked in Singapore for almost 7 years as a Java/J2EE Developer. People tend to work long hours there. I felt work places lacked efficiency. One notable difference is that I have not seen smart developers throughout my career there, only a few good once worth taking note of.

Now I work in Australia and I can clearly see the difference in work cultures. Here people have more respect for one another, more prfessional, do not work long hours, know how to balance personal life with professional life. Most importantly I have seen very smart people and working with them has been an absolute pleasure.

17 years ago
try this http://www.guru.com/
but you really need initially good contacts and reason why some body give work to russia ,instead of Mexico /Costa Rica OR India .
17 years ago
NO !
Being a alien you need Green Card /EAD or H1 visa for US employment .
17 years ago

Originally posted by Amit Saini:

The candidate could be a fresh-out-of-college grad with no experience and yet be classified as a valid H1 candidate. 'Highly specialized knowledge' is a subjective term. For the INS, in this case, higher education (BS/MS) contributes towards that. If it did not, foreign students would stop spending a ton of money to get US degrees.

Experience is must for applying H1 .
1.16 year education + 2 years (With Bachelor)
2.Masters +1 year exp
3. Foreign students get 1 year OPT with student visa (with masters ) that provides and qualify them for H1 . (Masters + 1 year opt exp)

In Dol approval/I 129 petition Employeer has to delcare he is not giving any "training" to candidate ,other wise USCIS going to reject as any US citizen can be trained .
[ August 31, 2006: Message edited by: NJ Joshi ]
17 years ago
1. Salary
2.job location
3.Unpaid time is any ?
4.Asking any money ?
5.Contract ?
6.How many consultants they have ?
7.Medical insurance and other benefits

At last verify every thing what he is saying ....
17 years ago
Well in any Indian HR /interview you can expect such idiotic questions.
When i was looking job in India from US ,much asked question why you want to return back ?
first time i gave politely some answer ,after few min. same question came back .I asked India is my Home , and Do you need any reason to go home ?
He said whaaat whaaaat ... i hanged up .
no worries keep trying ..
17 years ago