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Recent posts by aman hindustani

Hi Smitha,

Just saw your code , Can i suggest you some thing write one stand alone program taking a 1) connection object (make sure that connection is coming - confirm by sout staments) ,2) prepare a query (in a single string object) , 3)if you need pass the parameter in dynamically or else hard code in the previous query , 4) execute the query - rs

By implementing this, it simplifies your code and helps you to debug the code , so that you easily identify and fix the issue.


we are using to store error logs into the file. A part from that System.out.println are also used for initial level of debugging.
10 years ago
yes, we are using logging in the application.
and other supporting jar files.

10 years ago
Hi ,

we had deployed one of the working war file from tomcat 6.x to jboss-eap-6.1 . The whole application is working fine.
but we are unable to see the System.out.println statements on the console.

we have deployed another simple war file with single servlet with system.out.println statement. this application is showing the system.out.println on console.

please help us how to handle this.

10 years ago
check once struts-config.xml

- like removing/commenting unused plugins egs:Validator plugin,TilesPlugin
- configured paths
10 years ago
Got the solution for this we need use cell.getCellStyle().getFillForegroundColor() in the place of cell.getCellStyle().getFillBackgroundColor()
My self is also facing the same issue. Any updates/solution for this issue.
Any updates on this.
Any clue how to fix this issue.
My self is trying to log in Filter(wepapplication - filter) class facing the similiar issue. Can any one please suggest solution.
16 years ago
Do you mean to ask intenationalization..?
16 years ago
Hi to All,

We are trying to develop our own messager in our company. so, that we can chat internally and at the same time we want to create Admin module .where Admin will allow some of the employee to chat externally(like yahoo,google,msn..etc).
please help me this develpment by giving your valueble suggestion.
Like ...
1.creation of databases*
2.creation in screens. etc..

Thanks to All
16 years ago
hello to all.

i need to generate monthly report ..

every first day of the month ..the report has to be generated..taking a records from the date base ...(by taking from and to date)

can anyone help me to Schedule..for a .. month...

Thanks to all...
leena ...if you use calenders(javascripts css files) may find the desired result
16 years ago
cinux...what did you get..if you have requested..
16 years ago
hello to all..

please me in fixing this ....

Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction..
what i need to add in my code so that this Exception will not be thrown....

17 years ago