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Recent posts by Rajan Murugan

Originally posted by Bess Moore:
if i have no experience about EBJ, it is a wise choice that i go for the 1.3 first? From what my understand the 1.3 and the 5.0 is completely different.

what would you guys recommand? is that worth to do the 1.3?


Bert(co-author of HFEJB) has mentioned in one of the threads that 1.3 requirement will be there for many more years.Choose depending upon what area you would like to focus for next few years.1.3 and 5.0 demands knowledge of subject in different topics altogether and only few topics/content overlap.1.3 definately will be a good decision.A certificate in one of the certificate will exhibit skills in that particular version and not of the other one.So doing "latest" does not show you know 1.3 or vice versa.

Go for 1.3 since you have Bert's HFEJB

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:

Yes, I have got my certificate, but not my score report. Also, SUN has made changes to the cert, name card and pin, all of them are of a new design.


Thats Great !

Originally posted by Deepak Kanwar:
Feels good. What's more i had SCDJWS on same day too - long 8 hours of testing. (+ 7 hours driving from Burlington,Vermont to Boston - in snow )

Just Great.
what command did you use to get server side class files?
[ February 12, 2007: Message edited by: Rajan Murugan ]

Originally posted by Theodore Casser:

Well, if the site is right and they're accepting registrations for folks to take the SCBCD 3.0 starting Monday, then I imagine that we'll find out before then.

Where is it mentioned on the site that registrations are starting on Monday ?
link please.
Can we have more than the required create() for stateless session bean.e is not valid.
Try to compile the code without the imports.
That was a very nice posting.Good.
May I know which was the part in the environement variable that you missed which was resulting in server not getting started(since you had not mentioned exactly what was happening,its not clear what you were doing and what was happening).I assume you were trying to execute the bat file (j2ee.bat) from windows explorer right(directly after installation).
Since in the email they have not mentioned the validity the voucher can be used anytime.you have unlimited time.use it.

all the best.

still if you want you can get it confirmed

Originally posted by Sreeraj G H:

Rajan Murugan, don't do. don't do.

I think my environment variable settings was wrong.
Anyway its working fine now.
Tanakorn make my brain cool with his cool reply.

That is so cool.PLease do tell us what you did so that many who are struggling like you did will also know how 2...So immediately after setting when you start j2ee from windows explorer it the server is getting started ?

Originally posted by Sreeraj G H:
Tanakorn Numrubpor, now its working fine.

Thank you very much

Server starts fine and deploytool is also started. Looks everything works fine. But i didn't check the code till now. I am going out now. Today evening i will start Head First EJB

Good.So what was it that you did now that you didn't do in the last installation !!??
[ January 11, 2007: Message edited by: Rajan Murugan ]

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:

From free vouchers I received from Prometric, the voucher is valid for 1 year, starting from the date of issuance.

Thus, if you get it on 5 Jan 2007, say, then it will be expired on 4 Jan 2007.


It will be 2008 right

Originally posted by Tanakorn Numrubpor:
Thank you Rajan.
I have another question. The problem from combine j2se5.0 with j2ee1.3.1 is something about I can ever use such a core command of j2ee such as 'cloudscape', 'j2ee', 'deploytool' etc. Do you think this problem is relate to the compiled code?

Yes it is because of the compiled code.May be because of new and/or enhanced features.