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Recent posts by Emily Teng

I am going to come back to Java again.
This book is enough to prepare me for the latest exam?

Many thanks!
How many questions are there?
Will there be free updates?
How close are the interface to the actual exams?
Will there be a lot of drag and drop questions?

If drag & drop are remembered, then it is not the same like the actual exam though it is better this way.
Wonder when sun will upgrade their exam, like this epractize labs.
Thought sun could do a better job or sub the job out to company like Rajeswari Kannan's.

Thank you!
[ October 18, 2006: Message edited by: Emily Teng ]
Is this a beginner book?
Introduce everything from beginner point of view?
Wah my awaiting excellent product is here...just the right time
for me to practice before I take my SCJP exam.

Can I ask if the interface used is close to the real exam one?
Many thanks.

[HENRY: slight change to subject header]
[ August 08, 2006: Message edited by: Henry Wong ]
I am planning to take this cert too....does this book work closely according to cert specs?
Reviews about this book are very good...will be useful to me when I need to design databases...

Cheers for Scott W. Ambler and Pramodkumar J. Sadalage for writing such an eye opening book!
Whizlabs product has left me a good impression.
Good looking and useful product.

-Any facility to include own questions?
-How many questions are there in full version?
Thank you.
15 years ago
Wah, dreams come true, thank you to all!

Thank you Sas, this is going to be one of my favourite books!
Thank you Sas for taking the time to answer all our questions.
Keep it up to come out with more books!
Thanks Satou kurinosuke for the information too.
Wah, sounds interesting...hopefully I will have the chance to get hold of both of your books to read them.

Look forward to see more books about how to use flashy flash as the frontend while communicating with backend applications.

Thank you, Sas Jacobs.
Hi Sas Jacobs,

Wonder how much and how have your book touched on flash, because I am a flash fanatic.
If only I have your book to start reading to get the answer...
Care to share more?

Thank you.