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Recent posts by peeyush

Any body can help me in the exact syllabus and contents of the exam and the topics which are not to be prepared...
Waiting for a reply....
I want to understand the intricates of UTIL's calender and time zone and want my application to show an standard time rather according to a locale.
I want GMT timezone to implement in Gregorian calendar

Suggestions pls.....
23 years ago
Ya I have got a friend who scored 97% when he was just scoring 80-85 % in the mock tests.
Best of luck and believe in your self

Originally posted by Indu:

Hi guys..........
I have been studying for the exam for about few months (maybe 2) and when i did the mock exams i got 90%in the javaranch and about 75% in the marcus that indicative of how i will score in the scpj...can i go and take the test now and expect to pass based on these scores.....please do give me input on this........Thanks a million.

I am very much confused by time zone and what to do if I want to create a GMT reference and make a gregorian calendar out of it???
23 years ago
Thank you for your reply ,
I wish we could be friends
looking forward for a reply from your side

Originally posted by white tiger:
hi i also taking the java cert exam
i am working on java for 2 years
The i have syllabus & books- barry bone's guide & philip hillery's java certification.
Both are good , but am not sure what books to refer to score well
i am aiming something about 95%