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Recent posts by Abhilash Mutugudurmut

I am unable to take the Sun exam before expiry date so thought of selling the Voucher which expires on 31/01/2009 @ 4000 INR each.
Please drop me an email/private message or you can reach me @ 09880166244.
13 years ago
Hi Ajay,
I am having a Sun voucher which I am selling @ 4500 INR which expires on 31/01/2009.Please let me know if you are interested to buy.
I am unable to take the Sun exam before expiry date so thought of selling the Voucher which expires on 31/01/2009 @ 4500 INR each.
Please drop an email/private message or you can reach me @ 09880166244.
13 years ago
If any one intrested to buy the Sun voucher with 310-* series Expiry dated 31-AUG-07
please mail me at ravikiran.tv@gmail.com or
call me at 09900169969
price of the voucher is RS.5500(INR) negotiable..
Bangaloreans preffered..
contact me ASAP..
if you are still having the voucher,please contact me at abhi135@gmail.com or
09880166244 ASAP.I'm intrested to buy.
yes you can use the voucher in us as the same voucher is valid.
Hello Everyone,
Today finally i have cleared the exam with 86% after two and half months of preparation,i do not have any prior experience with Servlets /JSP.Thanks to HFSJ-amazing book & also to SCWCD study kit by Deshmukh.
As per my exam is concerned many questions were from JSP-more than half
Deployment-web.xml--too important
Design patterns about 6-8 questions
EL,JSTL,custom tags--equally important
I got almost 8-10 questions from Design patterns.
4-5 drag and drop questions
2-3 questions on attributes
& lot of basic questions from servlets,security
Exam is easy to pass but to score it is little bit hard.
Now its time to Rock N Roll
Happy New Year 07 & All the Best.
i think the answer to your problem is
expressions inside JSP when translated into servlet they go into
service method i.e between out.print(" ");
therefore out.print cannot expect another print statement inside it.
or it could be this
only print writer out is valid not System.out inside a jsp/a servlet.
You can get the voucher at any of the NIIT & prometric authorised centres.
if YOu would have bought the voucher last month there was an offer price of Rs 5200,but now its Rs.7200.
Hi pals,
i want to know when shall i recieve the certificate,coz i had completed SCJP1.4 exam on 25th september or how many days will it take to deliver the certificate/kit in general.i have already sent a mail to thomson,no reply from any one.any help will be appreciated.
15 years ago
hello friends
anyone certified with both the certifications can answer my question
i'am going for SCWCD / can i go directly for SCBCD.
any topics in SCBCD that will be covered in SCWCD.
please help me.
hi pals,
today i cleared SCJP 1.4 with 75 %.
This forum has helped me a lot.
Thank You For All Your Support

SCJP 1.4
16 years ago
i am preparing for scjp exams.
i am having K&B book
as well as khalid mughal
& Head First Java[HFJ].
also i am having Whizlabs Full Simulator for SCJP 1.4
right now i am preparing with K&B book.
is it necessary to study [hfj] by the same authors i.e K&B.
please reply/help ASAP.
Can we create an exe file from java application files/class files
if the answer is yes then how?
if it is no then what abt a client who does not know how to enter commands through prompt.
client machine should be installed with a JVM/J2SDK for operating the application.
16 years ago
i am taking up scjp 1.4 & i have purchased whizlabs simulator for scjp1.4 and also have bought java certification book by khalid mughal.
is it enough or i have to buy the book written by K&B authors.
comparing both books which will help me the most for clearing the exam with good score.