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Recent posts by TAO DAI

Hi all, I just passed 142 today with 98% score.

1. Understand under what circumstances SAX and DOM is used. Develop some test sample code.
2. Understand under what circumstances DTD and schema is used. Develop some test sample code.
3. Remember XPATH axis and XLST.
4. Understand under what circumstances CSS and XLS-FO is used.
5. Concept is first.

Material I used:
1.XML and Related Technologies certification prep (IBM developerswork)
2.XML certification success (IBM developerswork)
3.XML in nutshell
Yes, RAD has upgraded to 7.0, now you can use it for preparing the 255,6,7.
I have passed the 257 with RAD7.0.
, 257.
Oh, 252 and 257 is very similar. I passed 252 Nov. 06.

I took the IBM 257 Enterprise Application Development with RAD v6.0 today and passed it.

I have 5 years large project experience and had been involed in WSAD/RAD developement for 2 years.

Following is the ref books, being downloaded from IBM redbooks
01.sg246449 Rational Application Developer V6 Programming Guide.pdf
02.sg247257 Web Services Handbook for WebSphere Application Server 6.1.pdf
03.sg246681 IBM Rational Application Developer V6 Portlet Application Development and Portal Tools.pdf

The test is hard, containing the Web, EJB, Web services, Database Connectivity, Security and Tuning & Troubleshooting et al. If you have passed the SUN's EJB and Web service and Web Developement, I think 257 is a piece of cake for you. If you want a good score, much experience of WSAD or RAD will help you.


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Good, the most difficult problem to prepare IBM test is the reference.

I have cleared IBM 252 test (WAS) and 994 test (MQ) today with 90%+ both.

I used IBM red book.

I also solved mock exam available in pdf form.It was very helpful.

If anybody interested in that PDF ,drop me one mail.