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Recent posts by Nebiyu Haileselassie

I took my exam Last week and made it through. Many thanks to the authors of the Head First Book, Since that was the only material I used. and this form.

many thanks to the people who responded to my questions.

I am holding off on any more certifications for a while, Until I find a job and get some experince. Until Next time chaw

Good Luck to the people who are working on their certifications.

with Love

I might be repeating what the book said, but the way I understand the word is that, say if you use a function again and again it will not make any permanet change to data.

for example in a Post Method you are going to do something to the data that was submitted by the user there for it is not idempotent. But in a Get Method you are only "getting" data to display to the user with out changing it there-for the get Method is idempotent

hope this helps
good luck
Thank you

Bertold, Magesh and Satou, the problem is fixed

Magesh you were right the file extention was in text format.
renaming it with "result.jsp" fixed the problem.

This is what my form.html looks like
<h1 align="center">Beer Selection Page</h1>
<form method="POST"
Select beer characteristics<p>
<select name="color" size="1">
<input type="SUBMIT">

Thanks again
for the .class files I just miss typed it in the forum. It is actually WEB-INF
thank you for responding.

I am still having the problem. this is what I have

result.jsp :
C:\Program Files\Tomcat\webapps\Beer-v1

form.html :
C:\Program Files\Tomcat\webapps\Beer-v1

C:\Program Files\Tomcat\webapps\Beer-v1\WEB-ING\classes\com\example\model

C:\Program Files\Tomcat\webapps\Beer-v1\WEB-ING\classes\com\example\web

C:\Program Files\Tomcat\webapps\Beer-v1\WEB-INF

Am I missing somehing?

thanks again
I keep getting /result.jsp is not available message when testing the JSP.
this is how I compiled the class

javac -classpath "c:\Program Files\tomcat\common\lib\servlet-api.jar";classes;. -d classes src\com\example\web\

I did not get any error and the .class file was created
so I coped it from the development directory to the deployment directory

Then restarted tomcat.

then I typed in http://localhost:8080/Beer-v1/form.html

the form displayed then I hit Submit that is when I get the error

Any Help I have been stuck on this for the second day now

thanks in indvance
I am a new graduate from college and decided to program in java,
so I got the SCJP certification and now preparing for SCWCD.

has any one experianced a big advantage for getting a job with this certification. Is it something that employers look for and can make me stand out from the competition.

and what kind of salary can I expect after getting this certification.

I live in the baltimore/washington Metro aria.