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Recent posts by pradeep setti

Paul,I have used hibernate3.2.3 version for this scenario.
Hi Paul,I have tried with inserting a null value in the column where we have to put string actually.And got the inserted value from the db back and i has run fine.I am attaching the code snippet for your reference:

this is my bean class using which i am inserting null value into the db:

Department dept1 = new Department();

System.out.println("Getting data back from the db::");
Iterator iter = session.createCriteria(;
Department deptmnt = (Department);
System.out.println("Getting the "+deptmnt.getManager()+" Department::"+deptmnt.getDeptname());

here is the output it gave:

Getting the Ramana Department: evelopment
Getting the Ganesh Department: roduction
Getting the Thandav Department::Testing
Getting the Rakesh Department::HR
Getting the Rakesh Department::HR
Getting the Rakesh Department::HR
Getting the Prasad Department::null
We can handle errors in one way that is:
Catching the Throwable class which is the super class for Exceptions and Error classes.Or by Catching the Error class itself.
can anyone provide me the sysdeo-tomcat plugin software.
thanks adeel and pavel.

ya i want to know the new concepts which are added in the latest versions of servlets/jsp.

upto now i have been working on servlets 2.3 version.

and jsp 2.0 version.

14 years ago
thank u scott for ur reply,

but i am not new to servlets/jsp i want to know the advanced topics in
servlets/jsp that can be usefull for me in project.

thats why i want to know whether there are any books and sites where i can gain advanced knowledge in these topics.
14 years ago
add : com.myappln.FirstServlet in <servlet-class></servlet-class> tag of ur web.xml
14 years ago
hi this is pradeep.

i have tried ur servlet.

and got the result.

in web.xml do the following: i am giving the complete entries to get u understood:

14 years ago
i am presently in a servlet/jsp project can anyone tell me sites where i can find out the source code and also the advanced topics on jsp/servlets.

thanking u all in advance

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14 years ago