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Recent posts by tambi durai

Originally posted by John Meyers:

Another thing that promotes long work timings is when people stare at you for leaving early, even though your work is complete. Some people can take it while others cant, which forces them to stay late just so it looks like they are working.

Try leaving quietly, without saying goodbye to anyone; just leave as if you are going for a coffee. Don't carry any bag, coat; leave that in your car. Most people won't notice that you have left early...at least not immediately...
15 years ago
Thanks for your advice Mark!

One question though - Let's assume that CIO is a good position for someone to target, which requires both technical and managerial skills (and perhaps a lot of other skills as well) What is the chance of good managers growing up to become CIOs as compared to Architects?
15 years ago

I have more than seven years of experience in Java/J2EE and I am an engineer with computer science background. I have worked in various countries and presently I am working in India.

I have been involved in analysis and architecting of various software applications � some average and some complex. I consider myself to be good at architecting. At the same time I have also been managing a team of twenty developers and that also I am doing really well.

I think that I enjoy both responsibilities well, but I love more to do design and coding.

At this time in my career I think I have two choices - become an architect or become a manager. I guess as an architect I can make more money initially however it's the managerial experience that can potentially take me to bigger heights.

Some of the ranchers might have faced this kind of dilemma before, which one you think would be a better career choice?


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16 years ago
Surprisingly though, not ANYONE of the 'world travelers' in this thread have ever visited India...
[ November 03, 2006: Message edited by: tambi durai ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by A D Sharma:


You are real lucky person... or I must say you must having expereince around 9-10 Years. Is that so ???

I started traveling very early in my career, and have continued that trend so far.

There are still a lot of places that I would like to visit before considering myself lucky...

1. Italy - want to visit Tuscany region, Venice, Florence etc cities
2. France - Paris and all those beutiful mountains that have been watching in Tour de France
3. The Caribbeans
4. Tokyo
5. And many more...
16 years ago
My home country is India and I have travelled to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore ....I like India and Australia the most....
16 years ago

Originally posted by rathi ji:

I think it was true before. Pune and Banglore's climate were good in the past. Now it�s no more special.

You have started liking Hyderabad...have you?
16 years ago
Don't forget one big pro of Pune - The Weather.

Pune has the best weather all around the year. The winter months from November to February are the best! Even the summer months are more bearable than most other cities. One close contender with Pune on this is of course none other than the silicon city - Bangalore!
16 years ago

I don't really worry about technical interviews especially tough ones. What I worry about is sometime you end up being interviewed by stupid people. Some people don't know the basics themselves and aren't in a position to judge a correct answer. This has happened to me a couple of time in two reputed companies (one of them was SAS). Though I was selected, it wasn't a good experience.

It's always good to know in advance what you can expect, instead of what they expect!

Good Luck.

16 years ago
Thanks Sumit.

Has anyone attended a interview there? Please let me know. Thanks.
16 years ago

Does anyone know about Principal Financial Group Pune? What is their selection procedure and what kind of salary they offer?

16 years ago

Originally posted by pravin jain:
To be frank, my understanding is that there are no such positives and negatives about any company or lots of positives and lots of negatives.

I guess everyone agrees !!!

It all depends which project group you join, what type of work one is doing. And of course the peers in the group.These things are know only after joining the company.

For some there may be good experiences, for some bad..similar to KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM..hah haha

So believe me , dont make decisions on +ves and -ves..join the company which pays you better then others...


Your are right but only till a certain extent. I would say all companies have their positives and negatives, and as you say, from a developers perspective a company is normally determined by the kind of work, onsite opportunity, salary, peers, subordinates and most importantly bosses.

There are also important things such as organizational culture which determines how an indivisual is treated, how opportunities are provided, transparency in rewarding etc. These things also matter and have a bigger impact in a longer run.
16 years ago
Does anyone know what's their seclection procedure? And typically how much can someone with 6.5 yrs of exp expect? Thanks
[ July 27, 2006: Message edited by: tambi durai ]
16 years ago
Ilja, Peer Thanks for your replies.

I also missed the fact that getInstance() was not synchronized, so I shouldn't have asked the last question

Is there any way of creating the two services without having to write a synchronized method (or block) at all? Please note that, the instances should be created only on demand. Otherwise I could've just created instances at the time of variable declaration.

Thanks again.
Thanks Velan, do you know how any course/certification can be obtained in Mumbai or Pune?
16 years ago