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Recent posts by Khaled Mahmoud

Hi all,

Is there a tool for javascript that would show all the events related to an element ?

The reason I am asking this, is that with the use of jQuery there is a trend to dynamically attach events to buttons, checkboxes .. etc. This results in a hard time manually looking for what events are looking for an item. This issue gets worse when code like the below is used to to attach the event

Since I have got no reply, I did some thorough investigation about it and a found a somewhat near solution to what I am looking for.

This can be enabled through the Java instrumentation API which allows you to insert "programming statements"
to a method at runtime and upon the start of the Java virtual machine. What you have to do is to write a class
in a specific form that and pass it to JVM as an argument when it starts.

Check this tutorial :
10 years ago
Hello all,

There is a way in Java to perform Java profiling programatically (By using an API) and on demand.
Below is an example of what I am looking for

10 years ago
Regardless of the current books and studies guides currently in the market, I would say "From east to west, Bert and Katy books are the best"
I am using Resin web server with IntelliJ. Is it possible to do hot deployment for resin from IntelliJ. For example, if I have a class and I changed its code, I want to only reploy that class directly without having to redeploy and build the whole project again,

I this possible ?

12 years ago

I tried to develop a Custom Component in JSF. This component is a simple drown list which displays strings in a list in a html select.

Here is the code of the form.

The Custom component is linked to a renderer through custom tag and the list to be displayed is passed as a property from a backing bean.
When the page loads for the first time, the custom tag will pass the list of items to the component and the list will be happily displayed.

But when I click on a command button, the list will be assigned values and a null pointer exception is thrown from the renderer

Attached is my code along with web.xml and tld.
Any idea would be appreciated.

12 years ago
I do not advice going for any IBM Certification as their exams are not at all of reputation and not at all proof of efficiency and knowledge as it is the case in Java Certificates.

I read on Spring website that most SpringSource certifications require a training from Spring Source or a certified partner. Does that mean
I cannot get the Certificate without getting the training (As self study as we do in most of the Certifications ??).

And what is the cost of the SpringSource exam?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome "jQuery in Action, 2nd edition"
Welcome Peter
13 years ago

Of lately, I have heard a lot of comments about Sun and other Certs like Oracle etc that they are not something that employers crave for these days.

What distinguishes Sun Certifications from all other Certification is that they give you strong scientific knowledge focusing on building very strong basis that you can go anywhere after that. They are very good at cover the technical and practical aspect as well.

After Oracle acquisition, I am not sure if this will be the case.


I passed SUn Certified Developer For Java Web Services on the 27th of February 2010 and still did not receive my certification.
I sent many emails to,, suncert_ww@oracle and also sent emails to Sun Certification Manager and without any response from anybody.

Any ideas where to go


I have recently done developing a JavaScript API for form validation.

Your comments and feedback are mostly appreciated.
13 years ago