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Recent posts by azhar bharat

Piotr Swiecicki wrote:

Maybe I was not clear enough, but I was trying to say that it is possible and I have managed to achieve this without any difficulty. You can have fully working JSF page acting as a login page, like I have done.

Can you explain in detail how you did this.
let us say that i have a page called login.jsf
I have a jsf inputText(j_username) and inputSecret(j_password) and a commandButton (with action="j_security_check") in the form on the page.
Do I have to create a backing bean for these components?
I assume no navigation is required.
14 years ago
Yes, I do understand that login page should have only login form etc..
But, I am not the one who takes decisions, the client does.

There are other JSF elements required on the page, and I need to use the JSF validations too.

Is this not possible? It seems strange that I cannot use security features along with JSF.
14 years ago
How can I have forms authentication with JSF using Tomcat realm & j_security_check?

I have done j_security_check login on pure jsp page. But little confused on how to do it using JSF.
Should I have a backing bean? Do I need to write navigation rules since this is already handled by the container? etc..
14 years ago

Ernest Friedman-Hill wrote:I would start here.

I did google. The reason for posting here was to find someone who has already tried something like this and get some inputs.
Thanks anyways.
15 years ago
I want to read an autocad file (dwg or dwf) and create a graphical interpretation along with reading details of objects in the file.

Can anyone who has done similar stuff, help me get started?
15 years ago
@omar & @Frederic: GWT, Flex and stripes seems to be more presentation oriented from what I know(correct me if I am wrong). Since I deal in web applications more than web sites, i am less concerned about presentation. So, I am looking for full fledged application framework.

when it comes to application frameworks, does everyone say that jsf or struts can do pretty much everything and checking out other frameworks is not of much use?

I have knowledge about struts and JSF. I am planning to go through other popular frameworks, so that i can take informed decision on what to use depending on requirement.

But the question is

1) what next? which are the other popular frameworks that I should take a look at? please dont suggest brand new frameworks, right now my priority is frameworks that are popular or have widespread adoption in industry.
2) what does the framework suggested (w.r.t question 1) provide that jsf or struts does not?

I would like to know what are the books for advanced study on the following javaEE topics
1) EJB 3
2) JSF
3) Hibernate
4) JavaEE 5 (since i have only worked on javaEE 1.4, and do not have in depth understanding of changes in javaEE 5)

As mentioned I need something in advanced level.
15 years ago
Thanks for the replies.
Eelco Hillenius: If you dont mind, can you tell me in what ways it is similar to
Can anyone explain how to install weblogic 10 as windows service?
15 years ago

Originally posted by James Clark:
Learning how to use Hibernate would be good. Spring also would be good. However, the best step, in my opinion, would be to learn how to program Composite applications with the Java Business Integration architecture.

hey thanks james,
but i was looking more in the context of mvc frameworks like jsf, shale etc..
I have fairly good experience with struts. But thinking of looking beyond struts. Because from what I have read, new projects involving struts have gone down. The problem is where to move from here. There are a lot of frameworks, I cant even remember how many, let alone remember their name. However I feel JSF is really promising.

What opinion do you guys have about moving to jsf and should this be my first step outside struts?

What is with this shale? it seems to be linked to struts, jsf, webwork... what is it really?

Is there any shortcoming in jsf compared to struts?

I have worked with struts and developed many apps with it but not with jsf.

Now while going through articles online, i find info on using struts and jsf together. There are various advantages discussed. So i get the picture.

But I was thinking if I can get some info from ppl in here who has actually worked on a real world application combining the two.

How good is it considering the complexities it introduced in the application including maintaining a team with both struts and jsf knowledge? And, well, any problems you might have encountered during development of such an application.

Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.
16 years ago
so, when using hibernate/jpa, it is a DAO pattern, am i right?
Is there any valid reasons to use DAO, now that we have JPA and other orm tools.

Is there any advantage of using DAO?