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Recent posts by chetan raj

I am trying to run the dwr sample example. gettting the following error dwr undefined.
I have places dwr.jar in my lib folder of the tomcat.
Can any body suggest where i am going wrong. Any link to dwr examples will be
really helpful

thanks in advance,
chetan raj

This is my code
function update() {
var name = dwr.util.getValue("demoName");
Demo1.sayHello(name, function(data) {
dwr.util.setValue("demoReply", data);
<script language="text/javascript" src="/js/engine.js"></script>
<script language="text/javascript" src="/js/util.js"></script>
<script language="text/javascript" src="/js/gi.js"></script>

<input type="text" id="demoName"/>
<input value="Send" type="button" onclick="update()"/>

Reply: <span id="demoReply"></span>

public class Demo1{
public String sayHello(String name) {
return "Hello, " + name;



Hi All,
I have a requirement to calculate the amount of time it take to get a response from a server.
I want to know is there a possibility with any open source api like log4j or any other open source api etc.
using which i can calculate the amount of time it took for a request to get processed.

thanks in advance
15 years ago
Hi All,
I am getting the following error when i access the page link on my report
"Due to Presence of Characters known to be used in Cross site Scripting
attack access is forbidden. This website does not allow urls which might
include embedded html tags".

Please Suggest me which setting i have to change to make this work.

Thanks in Advance,

HI All,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I need to run my java program
as window service and write another java program to monitor
this service and restart the service in case of service failure.
So anybody give a suitable link or sample program to achive this
will be greatly helpful.

thanks in advance,

15 years ago
Hi All,
I have a reqirement to monitor a window service through a java program
and restart the service programaticaly if the service stops. Is this possible through a java program. A sample example on this will be really helpful.
Thanks in Advance,

15 years ago
JaiKiren Thanks for the prompt reply.
Can anybody give a link to the sample examples
on pagination will be helpful.

thanks in advance,
chetan raj
Hi All,
Can you please tell me the best way to do pagination in jsp.
I am using pager tag in the jsp. But the problem i am facing
is for every page link The query is fired to the database and it
is taking long time when the set of record are in lakhs.
I am using CachedRowset for this.
Can anybody suggest or give suitable example where i can retrieve
a set of record in one hit to database. store that in session object(cache)
and when i click my page link it should fetch the record from the object
in session and not from database.
Or is there any other way this can be best achieved.
thanks in Advance
Chetan raj
[ August 20, 2008: Message edited by: chetan raj ]
Hi, Please
give some reply. Any help or
suggestion on this will be greatly

thanks in advance
Hi all,
I am using displaytags in my reports.
when I click csv export link it is working fine but when
i click excel export link it is giving
the following error

servlet failed with exception java.lang.NULLPOINTER Exception
at org.displaytag.export.ExportViewFactory.getView(

1)Can anybody tell where i am going wrong. How can i make my Excel Export work.

I have displaytag1.1 .jar,displaytag-export-poi1.1.jar in
my classpath.

2)If anybody can give clear steps to be followed
while using displaytags will be helpful.
3) If I want only Excel export link on report but not CSV export link.
where and what changes i have to do for this to effect.

thanks in advance
Hi thanks for the prompt reply.
can anybody give a link
to an example on generating dynamic
reports will be helpful.

thanks in advance
16 years ago
I am trying to generate dynamic report for my project
Everytime i will be selecting different fields to be displayed
in the report based on some criteria . My idea is to set the data with is retrived
from resultset into my dto(data transfer object) and display this in jsp.( I am sucessfull in generating the
dynamic query).
But i am facing problem in set the values to dto since my query fields
vary every time. I am not able to understand to which dto property
i have to set values returned from resultset since i do not know in advance which fields will be selected
by user. All the values are coming from only one table.
I am not using any report framework for this project. Can anybody suggest how
this can be solved.

thanks in advance.
16 years ago
Can anybody tell if this possible by making
some chagnes in browser setting ,in server etc or
any other file.
Hi have an application which open files with extention .tif without
any problem But if change the extension of the file to .TIF . I am not
able to open that file in my Internet Explorer.
I have installed alternet Tiff on the system. But i still
not able to open file with extention .TIF.
Can any body suggest what changes i have to do in my application or server
so that it if open files with extention .tif or TIF

Thanks in Advance
[ March 10, 2008: Message edited by: chetan raj ]
hi friends,
you were right. The problem was that I did not added the required
jar in my build file and i was trying to compile it . So i was getting
that error.

ok thanks for the reply
[ July 26, 2007: Message edited by: chetan raj ]
hi jaikiran,
i have added the jar containing the shown classes .
But i still get the same error. The jasperreports-1.3.4
contain the mentioned classes in stack trace.
Can any body suggest where am i going wrong?

Thanks in Advance
[ July 25, 2007: Message edited by: chetan raj ]