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Copy the properties file to <WAS_HOME>\profiles\<your profile name>\properties folder
E.g. C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Profile1\properties
16 years ago
It depends on whether you are trying to
1) expose an existing functionality as Web service
2) write a new service from scratch

In case first case you dont have a choice but to go in for Java2Wsdl
In second case you do have a choice and it all depends on what you are comfortable with.
Easy way out for Newbies to webservice is Java2Wsdl whereas Business Analyst would rather create a wsdl using some tool and then go in for Wsdl2Java.
16 years ago
Well what you can do is pass out the current page number and the user has to pass back the received page number in soap body. More so analogous to the session ID as in HTTP communication.
This can easily be done by modifying the service that you are exposing to take in one more parameter called the pageNumber which the clinet has to pass and hurray your worries are gone

Alternative approach I think can be that of using the headers for passing the pagenumber. May be you can write handlers on your side and the client will have to do that on his side.

But I guess this would be a complicated matter.
16 years ago
Sorry forgot to paste the nat task

16 years ago
Dudley, you are right. Thats the type definition that the client will be using.
Shariq, the wsdl generated is not useless because even if you say param0, param1 are just names and can be anything.

you need to define the finer details in your tmodel which the client looks up at and derives more sense about the webservice

Anyways here is the ant task that I used and the one that gets me the proper parameter names instead of param0, param1.

Hope it helps
16 years ago
Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I can see these are not service method parameter names but are complex type definition defined in <types>

If so tell me how are you generating the WSDL.
When you use the ant task provided by axis it generates the WSDL with proper names.

Following is an example of the WSDL that I generated for a complex type using the ant task

16 years ago
Well the clinet for web service can be anything... it can be a pojo, jsp, servlet or an ejb, it really doesnt matter

Look at the following code snippet for a WS client
ServiceFactory serviceFactory = ServiceFactory.newInstance();
Service service = serviceFactory.createService(serviceQName);
Call call = service.createCall();
call.addParameter("symbol", stringQName, ParameterMode.IN);
call.addParameter("currency", stringQName, ParameterMode.IN);
Double result = (Double) call.invoke(new Object[]{"usa", "india"});

Now this answers your question about how to pass parameters to the web service.

you can now use this snippet in a jsp or a servlet as well.
16 years ago
Well... some rest and then maybe SCDJWS, but not sure.
I guess its a rumour.
Or even if SUN wants to do the replacement in September then probably it would be September '07

Originally posted by Pradeep Kadambar:
The exams SCWCD, SCBCD will be replaced by SCDJWS this September. :roll:

Pradeep are you sure about this. Because I did not hear this before neither could find anything on the net. Can you point out some URLs in this referance
Thanks a lot guys, for your wishes .
Hey, I Cleared SCWCD with 86%.
Not a very good score to boast of, but considering the time constraints I had this is quite a bit.
I Got 60 out of 69 so that makes it 86.96% and they round it (or rather floor() it) it to 86 instead of 87
Certain questions (specifically pertaining to Design Patterns) were poorly worded contrary to the claims made by SUN that all the questions are reviewed by a panel of English Language experts. In those questions it was very difficult to get the exact meaning.

And by the way even I had 70 (not 69) questions although my score report says 69 question.

Mock scores
JavaRanch 84% (avg)
JDiscuss 76% (avg)

My score for the HFSJ mock was mere 59% which was a sort of confidence breaker despite knowing about the plus Twenty rule.

HFSJ Review
It�s too good a book to be called a technical book. Nothing less than a novel.
It always managed to grab interest and thereby attention even in times when the mind was not very fresh and the body demanding rest.
Was a tremendous experience going through the motions of the book.
Hats of to the authors for coming out with this gem.
And one side effect of the book is that once you are through, it you might be a better blogger (obviously only if you blog) because the presentation is so catchy that you might start imitating it.

If anyone of you is looking forward to appearing for SCWCD, I would simply say HFSJ is the way to go.

Wishing the SCWCD aspirants All THE VERY BEST.
[ August 30, 2006: Message edited by: Arafat Nalkhande ]
Outstanding, Fabulous, Fantastic.
Hats off for your efforts and achievement.
17 years ago
Thanks Amit.
I should have looked at the ERRATA.

For everybobody else's referance the URL for HFSJ Errata is

HFSJ Errata