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I am moderately acquainted with Spring Batch framework. This is a new scenario for me - and googling, reading up Spring batch did not help me find a solution yet.

I need to fetch a list of records from the database in header record- detail records format (this i have done). [Also, i have written it into a flat file]

Now I realize i need to group the data read from the db based on one column and create one file for EACH "group" with the file being named using the value of this column. (All files will have same extension, and same format, only the file name would differ.) Each of these file will have the same header-detail format written to it.

This is where i am stuck.

I know of, and have used MultiResourceItemWriter using delegates to write to multiple files / db. But-

1. how do i configure the itemwriter, now that I do not know the number of writers required? It will be as many as the "groups" found in the db.
2. going a step back - I am now worried about my reader too. It returns a single List right now (ignoring the column / group) - I think i would need even the reader to "split" (not sure if this is the correct word to explain this) the "read" objects according to the columns too. so that one reader gives--> multiple readers at runtime, based on the data found.

Also, I can't / don't want to make this separate job because as i mentioned above - the read/ write/ process / file extension/ file format / source table are all same, only the file name must differe and a new file must be generated for each different value of the said column.

I am not sure if i was able to explain the problem clearly.
Thank you for reading, if you do. Any pointers, suggestions about what / how could this be done will be most helpful.

Thanks & Regards

Edit: I wonder if writing each "group" to a staging table is an option / a good option. However, i still not have a clear idea, how would i create "as many" writers in this case too

11 years ago

(i post in ages.)

I have defined an xsd using which i am doing the following -
- listing 'job schedules' [ these are spring batch jobs , defined in their own specific config xmls]
- each 'schedule' has a list of parameters inlcuding: cron string, a few file/ directory paths (relative), the job config xml path.

Now, yes, I could do this using spring framework quartz beans and have the "configLocation" or, spring context "property-placeholder" element set to read the properties file I need to read in order to resolve the filenames/ filepaths listed in each 'job schedule' element.

But, I am not using spring beans here at all. (I do think it is probably is a bad idea, but for some reason, that is how it is going to be)

So, every element is "string" as per this xsd. I am trying to find if there is any way I can import / refer to the properties file within these xml? by changing my own xsd and not using the spring /context/quartz schema.

However, I am using spring to load the context and have the "scheduler" kick off. So, I am able to load the config and jobs using XML files generated using this schema, but the relative paths get unresolved.

Any suggestion, pointer is most welcome.

Thank you.
That's protected at work.

It gives the subclass in a different package access to the member through inheritance. The protected member can not be accessed as if it were a public member.

Hence in your example:

If you think about it - that is, actually, how it is "protected" from other objects by disallowing invocation of doProtectedThings() using the Roo object and only letting the inherited classes have access to it.

Hope that helps.
11 years ago
>hope you were on an hourly rate!

I wish!

p a i n it was.
11 years ago
Its really embarrassing to post this after six years. But.. this post seems such a blot. it may be stupid but I feel the need to clarify it before posting else where.

It is not stolen code but a jar which my client had made, and lost the source code of. It's a (the?) BIG bank in the US , and at the time working for my employer, and the bank, i did not want to say this.
We were supposed to revamp the old application which was made so long ago that the only resource they had of it was the jar from the 90's deployed in the prod. That was what I had to re-engineer and fix.

Dug out some even older code from the Clearcase to see what was going on and re-assessed the requirements, functionality and design. Few weeks later the new app was up and running

Dear MR. EFH-

Thank you. Just a fan and lurker. No thief


11 years ago

I am upgrading the JRE version from 1.3 to 1.5 and in the process of that I witness ClassCastException being thrwon by the following statement(statement 3)

I am trying to assign the proper gmtoffset based on the current local timezone.
Some research on our end suggests that such casting is not supported in higher version of jre.

Could any one please suggest a workaround for this?

16 years ago

I have deplyed an application WAS6 server.I get the java.lang.IllegalStateException in the logs when I launch the installed application.

I searched a little on it and learnt that this is a known problem with WAS.
And that the possible solution of the problem is using xerces.jar to parse the xml instead of the default crimson.jar used by WAS.
So I added xerces.jar in the WEB-INF/lib folder of the application, rebuilt the EAR and deployed the resulting EAR in WAS.

But I still get the same error in logs.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood something or doing something incorrect.

Thanks in advance,

PS: the error stack in logs is follows-

[ August 03, 2007: Message edited by: Himadri Joshi ]
16 years ago
I am calling the applet through jsp using the object tag as follows -

Would using an apple tag instead make a difference..?


[ May 23, 2007: Message edited by: Himadri Joshi ]
[ May 23, 2007: Message edited by: Himadri Joshi ]
16 years ago
I am calling an applet from a JSP. At one point I want to disable mouse events from the applet (In order to disable selection of displayed images by clicking on them).

To do this I added a method to the applet and called the same from JSP -

Though at this statement throws the following error when application is executed -
'Object doesn't support this property or method'

I am calling other methods from the applet in a similar manner, and they work alright. I am using IE, and tried modifying it settings as well but it did not work either.
Is a JSP app not allowed to modify applet components..? Please help.
16 years ago

I need to install OAS and Oracle 10 g database. The application/database would be used by about 10 users.
Would there be any performance issues if I install them on the same machine?
Right now I have a 4 GB RAM machine but can think of upgrading the RAM if it would help supporting the OAS and database on the same machine.

Thanks in advance,
17 years ago

Facing the same errors..

I am using Microdosft VC++ 6.0 to build the exe.And have the lib files, header files in the build path.. still get this error..

any help is most welcome.

Thanks in advance
17 years ago
Oh, I missed out, I am trying to build the exe now, because I want to add one more function to it.
17 years ago
Yes, the dll is a native methods exe.A function in this dll is called to invoke a on a Server via TCP/IP socket.
This function actually passes the name of the Java class containing the main method to execute on server and the argument which should be passed to this method.
It then returns the results to the caller.
17 years ago

I need to update a dll file which is used in a java application.
When I try try to generate the exe file from the source code for the dll (C code) it gives me Linking errors.

The errors suggest the dll needs a library file javai.lib (this is a part of the make file). This file though has been renamed since jdk1.2. (info courtesy Google, sun.com). Knowing the source code is very old, I added the files jvm.dll and jvm.lib to the build path. These are the renamed files.

The problem is that the linking errors still do not go away.
Injre 1.1 I could find only javai.dll not javai.lib. And the errors persist even with the javai.dll file...

I searched a lot but could not find the lib file. Read at one place that "javai.lib is used at compile time while javai.dll is called by the jre at runtime..". Then how come, jre 1.1 has only the .dll file..

Any help is most welcome.. If i'm adding wrong files.. Or any pointers where i can find the javai.lib.

Many Thanks in advance.. and for reading this loong post..

17 years ago