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Recent posts by Gene Kaplun

Thanks a lot for your concern. I found the solution.
setOpaque(isSelected ? true : false);
Best regards,
22 years ago
Thanks for your response. Here is my code:
public class LabelTypeComboBox extends ClearableComboBox{
public LabelTypeComboBox(){
setRenderer(new DefaultListCellRenderer() {
public Component getListCellRendererComponent(
JList list,
Object value,
int index,
boolean isSelected,
boolean cellHasFocus){
DefaultListCellRenderer defRend = (DefaultListCellRenderer)super.getListCellRendererComponent(list, value, index, isSelected, cellHasFocus);
return defRend;
I checked the bug database on the Sun. They say that some L&F don�t support setting �Opaque� property of the JcomboBox to False, yet I have a problem only with this particular ComboBox. All others work fine having the same renderers. When Opaque is true the selection works fine whereas my cool combobox's header ( I have moderntheme L&F) gets replaced by a regular white rectangle. If I change Opaque to false the header of the combobox looks fine, but list selection uses white background color and the selected line becomes invisible. I tried to change the Background and Foreground color. Doesn't work.
Thanks again.
22 years ago
Does anybody know why, when I setOpaque(false) to the renderer of my JComboBox, the selection works wrong(selected row is completely white). I tried to set Background and Foreground color - didn't work. Actually, setting the Foreground to black is fine, but in that case the selected row Background doesn't work.
Thanks in advance.
22 years ago
Could anybody give me a hint.
I have a result set from my sql select statement, and the template for the report. How do I create the report.
Thanks a lot.
23 years ago