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Recent posts by Srishal SA

I hope you have something written (email or hard copy) of resignation accetpance by PM. If you just had a verbal communication with PM then you can only request him to keep his word and tell hime that you made these commitments on the basis of earlier release date.
14 years ago

Great Campus with great cheeks

Perhaps you wanted to say chics

This is a good addition in modern office enviornment..
14 years ago

Communications! People who are skilled in this field tend to get higher pay than the average developer. I strongly recommend developing communication expertise (speaking, writing, interacting with non-technical people, etc).

I agree ,
But when someone wanted hot skills , I guess they wanted hot software skills like (struts, sap, ajax).

If soft skills are to be considered there are also other skills as attitude, persistance/patience , concentration. The list could grow long.
To generalize these are the skills needed to succeed in life (not just your job).
14 years ago
Hi Srinivas,
I suggest you to go to TCS .
Tsys has not got much .net work .
14 years ago
I think these figures above are not correct.
At least Deloitte(India) does not pay 7 lpa to fresher
14 years ago
Hi abhishek,

I feel this is a right time for you to quit. So get some new offers in hand
bargain hard for it. Multiple offers help you to bargain.
Also look for work life balance etc intangible things in your new employment.

Someone here advises to stays for at least 5 years per company. Although this advice
is ideal but not practical. In fact competent people find new opportunities easily
as against the people who stay in a particular company doing routine work.
their skillsets also rust

. Any company starts to stink after 2,3 years unless it pays you really
well or you get a lot of new things to learn/manage.

Your company seems to be growing and you definately need your share of pie.
The company management may only appreciate/reward you when you show them the offer letters.

Dont talk about 3 months notice. The future employer will run away from you..
1 month is fair enough.

Wish you good luck
14 years ago