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Because the init(ServletConfig) from the GeneriServlet class gives the Servlet the the ServletConfig object (one per servlet) which can be used later on by the Servlet to get access to its say init-params.
This is done by the container so if you want to override the method you should call the super.init(ServletConfig).
Sorry to all of you for any confusion this positions are based out US

My e-mail id is
16 years ago
We are looking for Java Professionals in our Professional Services Department.
Company is based out of Canada and Cambridge but its a travelling job so no need to relocate.
This job involves delivering solutions using our product PRPC
If you want to know details please e-mail resume
16 years ago
Please e-mail me your details


We are looking for Java Professionals in our Professional Services Department.
Company is based out of Canada and Cambridge but its a travelling job so no need to relocate
16 years ago
I came to USA in a Business Visa B1 from Calcutta for Ushacommunications Calcutta based Billing Telecom Company to conduct meetings with the client to analyze there systems.B1 visa is strictly for Business Meetings and you get a per diem from the company sending you to US on a B1 visa to bear the cost of your food and lodging expenses.
B1 visa is for a short stay 1-3 months you get a I-94 from the INS and you go back to India after your business trip.
If you want to come and work here in USA you have to come in a H1B visa or a L1 visa (Inter Company transfer).
But dont come to USA on an H1B with the help of body shopping company its a disgrace the Consulting company will Bull you and its better to stay and work in India than to come here with the help of body shoppers.
Many companies send people to USA on a long term basis on a work permit and if you work for any of them then you have the oppurtunity to come here through them with an work permit (H1B/L1)

Hope my little piece of advice will help you
17 years ago
You are correct we can get read of the instance method and the ejbHomeLocator
Try the system property
<sysproperty key="hostname" value="jetty" />
<sysproperty key="port" value="8080" />

17 years ago
Can you give some detail of your error
Then its easy to diagonize

check PATH=C:\jdk1.4\bin
CLASSPATH = C:\jdk1.4\lib\tools.jar;C:\jdk1.4\jre\lib\rt.jar
17 years ago
I have created a HomeLocator factory using EJBHomeFactory and ServiceLocator pattern.
Just wanted to share for opinion
Pls comment on the design

The client has to pass the HomeName and InitialContext

It uses a cache so for subsequent call it doesnt do a look up
When you deploy the ejb the container generates the stub classes for you and also creates the classes that implements the EJBHome and EJBObject.
These are proxy classes (Proxy pattern) and has code to communicate(marshalling and unmarshalling) with the corresponding EJBObject and EJBHome classes.
So during run time when a client make a call to the proxy object it communicates with the cooreponding Remote EJBObject and EJBHome to transfer the call.
When you remove the Bean by calling remove on the EjbObject or home interface the Bean is destroyed (Stateful Session Bean) the EJBObject is destroyed and they are ready for garbage collection.
However there is no gurantee that the corresponding stub and home stub is also destroyed in the client but if you try to call methods on them you will get
java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException(Remote) javax.ejb.NoSuchObjectLocalException
First of all the page number of which book ? I presume its HFEJB

Pls see ejb 2.0 specification section 15.4.6
Concurrency of message processing
The specification says that though the container should attempt to process the message in order it receives but there is no gurantee.
So the Order2 can come before Order1.
Whats the value of JAVA_HOME is it defined .......
do like this and test

JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.5 (environment variable)

Try to run it.......

define CLASSPATH environment variable

to some thing like this
John you are 200% right about your suggestion......
Same thing happened to me in 2002 I was just having no work for 10 months....
I just sharpened up my skills building small small prototype application which I consider my aces later I plug in to my work as and when needed this is a good time to go for certifications advanced technologies coming up go to JUG meetings once a month......

After 10 months when I started development one again I didnt find any problem....

So best way to utilize the time is increase the bandwidth of your knowledge and enjoy time with friends and family
17 years ago
Did you remove the reference for your installed jdk1.4/bin from your path after modifying it to jdk1.5 ??
Hi Charlie,
Pls see the Ejb-2.1 spec

Section 7.4.1 Instance Passivation and Conversational State

Its mentioned

"This means for example,that the Bean Provider must closee all JDBC connections in ejbPassivate and assign instance fields storing the connection to null"