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Recent posts by a ganesh

Regarding the new reporting tool. Here I am mentioning the key points of my rquirement

Need a GUI kind of reporting tool, Where the user can drag and drop the tables, In that he can build the relations among the tables (if any exists). User should be given a provision to make alias names for tables and columns. Then saves his report
As a first step the user creates the table linking and Alias naming.

In the second step user can check his saved report and select the columns . Based on the selected columns a query should be populated automatically with all the selected columns and where clauses based on the links/joins with the user given alias names (if any). Based on this the repot should be generated..

Based on this requirement design and work should change (i.e.,) should not be a applet kind of thing ( the reason is that its a heavy weight component) .

So, please let me know which tool I can use from existing report generation tools in java. That should be a individual jar or utility kind of project (moreover a desktop application is also good enough for this)
13 years ago
storing in database and validating those credential is best practive.
whn storing passwords in database encrypt them and store. while validating it bring the encrypted value from database and decrypt in your java and validate .. its a good practice i feel
14 years ago